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Friday, July 27, 2012

Healing for our Future ~ The Beacon for July 27, 2012

When most people think of healing they think of healing their past.  They think of all the things that have happened to them, or that they have done, that they still hold energy, emotion or trauma around.  For the most part this is the main benefit of the work that we do at The Lifehouse –to  help the bodymind connect with and integrate these old energies.

This past week I was reminded of another very important reason for chiropractic care.  One of clients, Emily, was in a freak accident and was hit by a car.  Her body was thrown 20 - 30 meters shattering her pelvis and elbow and leaving her body covered in road rash.  Initially the emergency crew were uncertain if she would even survive.  Now just a week later she is recovering beyond anyone’s expectations.  The large road rash that had covered her back is all but gone.  Her mind has already realized the gifts of the accident and is focused on positive outcomes.  And this in just one week! 
Emily was very intentional in building her foundation of health – following recommendations, reading hand-outs, being curious with great questions and attending and fully participating in SRI (breathing) workshops.  It is clear to see the benefits of a highly flexible, well tuned, and focused human being.  Way to go Emily.

Chiropractic is much more than merely  taking care of neck and back pain – it’s preventative, it assists recovery and builds resources within our systems for when life stresses (mental, emotional, physical and electromagnetic) arise.   On that note I ask you, how much reserve do you have in your health account?  Do you have a reserve that you can draw upon in time of need?  Do you have what it takes to handle the bumps and bruises that life sometimes offers us?  Or are you merely surviving, just having enough to make it through the day running your tank near empty?  Remember that your investments today will support your future tomorrow and sometimes in unexpected ways!

“Chiropractic is health insurance.  Premiums small.  Dividends large.”   B.J. Palmer D.C.

As well as Emily is doing, any extra healing energy and prayer that could be sent her way would be greatly appreciated.    Research has demonstrated again and again the power of healing intention.  It is simple to do and would benefit her greatly.  We appreciate your attention to this.  Way to go Emily in your road to recovery!
Dr. Norm

** "Christmas in July - Give Back, Receive, Pay it Forward" Update **
Many thanks to all those who donated food items and made cash contributions (approx. $1000) to the Salvation Army throughout the week and this past Wednesday. 
Your generosity is truly heartwarming and very appreciated.
Thank you to our Sponsors (
Bella Donna Esthetics, The Green Store, Soul to Sole Spa, Arbour Wellness, Danielle Dickson, Charlie Brown's Foods Ltd., Toni Lepore, PowerHouse Naturals, Bonnie Stone)

Thank you to our musicians - Ira, "Ah Venice" and Kendall & Jen ~ absolutely amazing to hear live music from our labyrinth.Thank you to Dr. Norm for his awesome adjusting!!
Thank you to Dr. Norm for his awesome adjusting!!
Thanks to Jett Bassi, from CTV for sharing the Salvation Army message.

For his report click here:
~ Heather

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