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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pain - It Is Your Choice ~ The Beacon for Feb. 23, 2012

Many of us have heard the statement that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.  How true that is!  In life we all experience pain and for the most part this is unavoidable.   How we deal with that pain; whether we wallow in it, bless it or learn from it and move on, is truly up to us.

I am awakening to another reality about pain as well.  I have noticed on days where I challenge myself diligently in my workouts, or I am extra disciplined with my commitments when it would be easy for me to flake out, I notice that I am less likely to experience additional challenge and pain from the universe around me.  Other days when I do wimp out and take the easy road and talk myself out of my workout or commitment so often I am met with challenge and pain from the world around me.  Interesting!  So pain can either be internally generated through discipline and growth as my way of rising above my old limitations, internal negative self talk and procrastinations, or it can be externally created by challenge and conflict as the universe’s way of saying,” Hey you missed your workout today, step up young man, you can do better than this!”

Mike “Pinball” Clemons said it best, “In life you can either experience the pain of discipline, or the pain of disappointment.  It is your choice.” 

Don’t kid yourself.  Instead of trying to avoid pain, as it is a part of life, and the more you can rise to meet it and grow through it the more the universe is going to align with you and support you on your journey as the universe loves people who are playing big.

Be the best you you can be.
Dr. Norm and the Lifehouse


Upcoming events:
Friday, Feb 24th                          7-9:30 pm John Theobald discusses GNM, specific to Heart Attacks (for more information please see previous post
Sat/Sun, Feb 25 & 26th    9:30 am-5:30 pm John Theobald

Sat/Sun March 3 & 4 West Coast Women’s Show at Beban Park Auditorium (see attached pdf for a $2 off coupon)

Wed March 7th - Complementary Health Essentials talk

Wed. March 21st – Closed – Chiro Day
Fri. March 23rd Bonus adjusting Hours

Invitation from John Theobald

Dear friends, this is my second visit to Nanaimo to present the profound work of Dr R G Hamer MD.

I will present a general introduction in Parksville on Thursday, followed by a lecture on Dr Hamer's research and discoveries about the heart. The weekend will be devoted to an in depth look at his work including breast cancer and prostate cancer - the most commonly diagnosed and misunderstood cancers. This is essential information for the health & wellness practitioner as well as for those who think independently and are looking for real alternatives to understanding their own health and well being.

I look forward to seeing you, and thank you in advance for passing this information on to anyone you know that might be interested.

Best regards,

An Introduction to the work of Dr R G Hamer MD and * German New Medicine * Thursday 23 Feb 2012 Parksville

Every DISEASE, including cancer, originates from an unexpected conflict or emotional shock, affecting not only the psyche, but also the part of the brain that corresponds biologically to the specific trauma. HEALING can only occur after the conflict has been resolved.
Dr Hamer offers scientific proof that cancer, for example, is not - as previously thought - a senseless proliferation of deadly cells but rather part of a Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) of Nature that has been successfully practiced through millions of years of evolution. German New Medicine offers a completely new understanding of what we commonly call diseases.


Alchemists Circle
280 Pioneer Crescent

Information (Registration not necessary) John Theobald <> or John St. John <> ============================================================

Understanding Heart Attacks
Friday 24 Feb 2012
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio, Nanaimo

Together with an introduction to German New Medicine, we will look at the ground-breaking discoveries of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer about the true nature of heart attacks. Dr. Hamer's findings demonstrate that the official theories that heart attacks are caused by blocked coronary arteries, elevated cholesterol, or high blood pressure are on the whole wrong. Based on the new medical paradigm that "diseases" are not malfunctions of the organism but instead age-old survival programs, we learn with GNM to understand the causes of heart attacks from a biological, psychological, and emotional point of view, allowing us to practice real preventive medicine.


GNM Level I
Sat / Sun 25 / 26 Feb 2012
9:30 am - 5:30 pm
The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio, Nanaimo

After a thorough introduction to the Five Biological Laws, GNM Level ONE covers the Significant Biological Special Programs (SBS) of kidney cancer, (including water retention, Addison's disease, Cushing Syndrome, hypertension, adrenal cancer, kidney stones and cysts), breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer (including Crohn's disease, IBS, IBD) liver cancer, testicular cancer and cysts, ovarian cancer and cysts, bone cancer, lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, osteoporosis, osteosarcoma, arthritis, gout, leukemia, spleen enlargement, so-called brain tumors, chronic disease, secondary cancers

$125 each day         Advance registration required
Sat is a prerequisite to attend Sunday

The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio
1710 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo
250 740 0333

John Theobald <> or John St. John <>

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gifts of the Spine ~ The Beacon for Feb. 16, 2012

Last week we began our discussion on why your spine and nerve system are so important by looking at their vital role in providing structure for the rest of the body, being the lifeline; between the brain and the body and the body and the brain, and by being the main meridian of energy that flows through us.  (If you missed last week’s Beacon see previous blog).
This week we will dive further into the next three “Gifts of Your Spine”.

4)    Emotions.  In 1997 Candice Pert wrote a landmark book which outlined her pioneering research in mind body medicine, Molecules of Emotion (an interesting note is that Network Spinal Analysis is one of the mind body approaches she discusses). Her research demonstrated the connection between the emotions and the nervous system.  She found that the highest density of neuoreceptors for the tiny neuropeptides of emotions (the molecules of emotion) are found in the dorsal root of the spinal cord.  Common sense tells us a similar story.  Imagine someone upset and look at the shape of their spine.  Now imagine someone happy and look at the shape of their spine.  By changing the shape of your spinal cord, and therefore of your spine, you are changing the receptivity of your molecules of emotion!

5)    Perception.  Essentially everything that you perceive is integrated through your nervous system.  Recognize that all of your senses: hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell are first received by your special sense organs, and then relayed through nerves, and then computed in your brain.  Feeling where your body is in space and balancing your body is also computed through your nerve system.  This is the hard science.   We can also assume that your nerve system is also involved in your extra sensory perception and intuition.  BJ Palmer the developer of chiropractic spoke at great length about listening to that quite voice from within. In his words, this was his innate, which is understood to be communicated through… you guessed it, your nerve system.  Your nerve system is the communication highway for your perceptions.  The clearer the highway, the clearer your perceptions.  Subluxations, distortions of the nerve system, are like panes of stained glass. They filter the actual facts of your experiences through your perceptions of yourself, of your life, environment, etc, and create your perceived experiences.
Many of you experience this after an adjustment, “I don’t know what it is, the world just seems brighter”.
Better keep yourself clean and bright.

You are the window through which you must see the world.
– George Bernard Shaw

6)    Flexibility/Adaptability.  Your nervous system being what perceives all of your life is also what allows you to adapt to and integrate life.  When you are able to take in all that life offers you, these experiences are just that, life experiences.  This is what people often call “good stress”.  If your nerve system does not have the capability to integrate all of your life, either because it is too much or because of what the experience is, these life experiences become a stress, and the
energy of them gets trapped inside your body.  Ouchh!  Think of a straight metal rod, how much give does it have, how adaptable is it?

Now imagine a rod that is bent with a nice curve in it, think how much more adaptable and flexible it is, this is why the shocks in your car are a coil not a rod.  The same is true for your spine, think of someone who is rigid and resistant, look at the curve of their spine.  Now imagine someone who is flexible and able to adapt to life, look at the shape of their spine.
Wow you are amazing!  Isn’t your nerve system incredible? It really is the core of who you are; your core essence.  No wonder your creator put it in safe keeping right in the middle of your body behind such a perfect protective column.

Celebrating the wonders of you,
Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse conscious community

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Why the Spine?" ~ The Beacon for Feb. 9, 2012

First off I would like to thank all of you who have participated in the Gift of Health referral program, both those who referred people in and those who were referred in.  Together we are making a difference, together we are the difference.  Thanks for all your help - I couldn’t do it without you.

Second, thanks to all those who participated and attended last Saturday's celebration at Yoga Weyr.  Heather & I greatly appreciate your time, kind words and vibrant energy.  Thank you for your presence in our lives.

This week I ask….Why is the Spine the focus and attention in this work?  Thought you might be wondering, so here, with the help of Dr. Donald Epstein are the first 3 of the 6 key reasons for the spine’s importance.  Enjoy….

1   Structure
Many chiropractors say that structure determines function.  To a degree, I believe this is true.  Dr. Donald Epstein says this another way.  “The shape, position and tone of your spine and nerve system, is directly related to the shape, position and tone of your life.”  You know the importance of structure.  Think of the importance of the structure of your car. If the car’s tires are slightly misaligned by as little as a few millimeters, consider how much this can reduce the mileage on the tires and increase the gas consumption. Think of the importance of the structure of the foundation of a house.  If the foundation is off by just a few inches it can be potentially devastating to the integrity of the home.  This is very similar to your spine.  Your spine is the foundation and the framework of your body.  If you are out of alignment, even as little as a few millimeters, it can cause tremendous strain on your muscles, joints and ligaments, often causing early degeneration, and things such as osteoarthritis.

2   It’s the Lifeline
The spine does something else, perhaps even more important than holding you upright.  It protects the delicate, soft, core essence that is your spinal cord.

Your spinal cord really is your lifeline.  It’s what connects the brain to the body and the body to the brain - creating both the mind-body and the body-mind connection.  You know the importance of this lifeline in examples like spinal cord accidents and paralysis; when the spinal cord is compromised at the base of the neck it can cause organ failure throughout the rest of the body and be, potentially, life threatening.  You also experience this when your leg falls asleep and you lose muscle control.  It’s not that your muscle has fallen asleep it’s your nerve that tells the muscle to contract that has been compromised. Dorland’s Medical dictionary defines the nerve system as the master control system of the body.  The nerve system acts like a computer’s CPU (central processing unit).  It runs both the hardware and software and integrates the two.  It is estimated that the average human body has about 10 trillion nerve cells. If they were placed end to end, they would stretch around the earth about 47 times!

3   Main Energy Meridian
If you look at any energy diagrams of the body the spine is always featured as being the main energy channel or meridian of the body.  The majority of our chakras are in alignment with the spine.  Scientifically, we know that the nerve system sends what’s known as an “action potential” which is a tiny impulse of energy which travels up to 200 meters per second, up and down your spine and throughout your body.  It is estimated that there are 3 trillion neurological events a second (of which you are only aware of 2,000) this is a lot of energy!   Think of your spine like a garden hose, and the water than flows through the hose is the life-force energy that flows through your spine.  Now think of what happens if you make a kink in the hose and how the water starts to backlog, increasing the pressure build up and decreases the outflow.  Another example, what happens to the flow of the river when there is a beaver dam disrupting its natural flow?  This stagnation of water creates a wonderful breeding ground for bugs and insects to multiple.  The same is true in your body.

Stay tuned next week when we explore, the direct relationship between your spine and emotions, perceptions, and flexibility and adaptability of you and your spine.

Taking care of you and your lifeline,

Dr. Norm and his team