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Friday, January 28, 2011

Proper Communication Is Key ~ The Beacon for January 28, 2011

This past week I was part of a communication breakdown that reminded me of the importance of proper communication.  I hope you enjoy reading about the follies of me and my family :)

My parents were in town helping my brother move from Vancouver to Campbell River and were going to drop the U-Haul Truck off in Nanaimo before flying out from Comox.  Heather and I offered to drive them from Nanaimo to Comox to save some stress for my brother.   I gave them a call on Tuesday night to begin the plans.  Initially we located a local U-Haul drop spot close to our house and set a time 4:00 pm to meet at the Depot.  Dad did not want directions as my brother had a new IPhone he wanted to show it off and use the map application.   After getting off the phone I realized that it would be much simpler to have them come to our home first and then go from there with Heather rather than having them navigate a foreign city.  So I called them back to rearrange the plan.  My sister in law answered who announced that the cell phone's battery was about die so I had to make it quick.  The new plans were communicated to her to relay to mom and dad.

The next day my parents left in plenty of time and made their way to Nanaimo, so early in fact they thought they would "surprise" us and first drop the U-Haul off and catch a cab home.  Upon entering the city they saw the first Jingle Pot Rd Exit and took it (which as you know took them off the path in the wrong direction from my house).  My parents were left to navigate a large U-Haul through a foreign city with no map.  Confused, frustrated and late they finally arrived to our home around 3:45.  Panicked with the time as they now only had 15 minutes to get the U-Haul to the depot (a piece that my father failed to mention was that the truck needed to be returned by 4 or they would be charged another 24 hours) they immediately left for the depot center and planned to take a cab back which they failed to communicate to anyone.  10 minutes later Heather arrived home (5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time) only to realize that they had left already.  She too became panicked with visions of her fiancés parents waiting for her on the side of the road, so she took off immediately.  When she got to the depot it was locked and closed as the attendant had stepped out for a bit.  Mom and dad were gone and had left no message.

My parents returned to our home confused as Heather "still" was not home.  Finally at 4:30 Heather too arrived home.  The four of us left for Comox for my parent’s flight.  It was quite interesting finally communicating, integrating and digesting everyone’s experiences, emotions and frustrations on the drive up.  Wow! This story really shows how important proper communication is.

Now let’s bring this back to health.  How important is communication?  Could you imagine how difficult it would be to organize the function of 70 trillion cells, all of the various systems of organs and glands all into one cohesive unit?  The master communication system of your body is your nerve system.  It sends messages up and down your spine with speeds up to 120 meters per second.  Some 3 trillion messages are sent every second of which you are only aware of 2,000.  The majority of these messages control the vital function of your body and have nothing to do with pain.  Just like our story of my families miscommunication this happens in your body all of the time.  In fact it is known that if there is as little pressure comparable to the weight of a dime on the spinal nerve roots (which are caused by misalignments in the spine) function can be interfered with by as much as 60%.  Wow!  this could be the difference of a message saying to the stomach "secrete acid" to a message that sounds like this "SECRETE ACID" or one that sounds like this

"S@CR&T$ AC*D" 
or even
                                                          (a message that is complete silent all together)
Could you imagine the chaos this would produce in your stomach?  And we think it is the stomachs fault and announce to the world “I have a bad stomach”.  Little do we know.

In your life and in your body proper communication is key.  Make sure your communication lines are clear get your spine adjusted regularly.

Have a great weekend.
Dr. Norm

Friday, January 21, 2011

Healing Miracles ~ The Beacon for January 21, 2011

I have come to realize that when it comes to health there are typically two types of people.  There are those who think they already know about health and then there are those who are searching to know more about health.  For those of you who are searching to know more about health I have two special offers for you.  I have just recently composed my second book “Optimal Health Essentials - Conscious Concepts to Radically Empower Your Health.” The book will be available for sale in our office starting next week for $15.  Along with the book sprung an all new Optimal Health Essentials workshop, our next workshop will be Thursday Feb 3rd from 7-8pm at The Lifehouse.  As a special treat here is one of the new chapters from the book.  I would love your feedback.  Have a great weekend.

Dr. Norm

Optimal Health Essentials #6 Healing Miracles

During my second year of school I experienced firsthand my own chiropractic healing miracle.  The miracle began with an injury that first happened 15 years earlier.  As a teenager I twice dislocated my right knee cap.  This was the most painful and physically traumatic thing I had ever experienced.  Both times the conventional medical treatment was to place my knee in a full leg cast for 6 weeks to try and shrink the ligaments of my knee.  After the cast was off my leg was weak, gangly and had lost nearly all of it’s range of motion.  The next 3 months of my life was spent in physiotherapy were the therapist spent hours using lots of force to regain my range of motion.  An experience I would rather not have to go through again (or see anyone else encounter).

The night before a bus trip to a chiropractic workshop in New Jersey we were out dancing with all the students of our class.  Being the outrageous person I am I thought it would be wise to show off my greatest dance move.  It was a move that I had not used in quite some time, however I knew it would be sure to impress.  It was kind of a ‘Michael Jackson’ type move where I would jump up in the air, do a complete spin then land doing the splits.  Everything was going according to plan.  I could see the amazement in the eyes of my on lookers, however this time when I landed something went horribly wrong.  I could hear the smack of the landing and feel the immediate tearing sensation in my right knee.  I had just dislocated my knee, again!

The next day soon came which had us leaving right after school for our bus trip.  This left me no time to go and have it looked at, or treated with any medical intervention.  I spent the entire bus ride, which lasted through the night, sitting on the edge seat with my leg, throbbing with pain, outstretched into the aisle.  The journey was nearly unbearable.  I didn’t sleep a wink.

The next morning we all ventured off to the workshop with hundreds of other people.  One of the breaks I went to the foyer area where people were congregating and many were getting adjusted.  I decided to do the same so I waited in a very long line.  As I got closer to the table I was able to see the chiropractor who was going to adjust me.  He was a very large man, dressed in overalls and a plaid shirt.  To be honest he looked like he had just stepped off of a tractor.  Initially I was disappointed and nearly walked away.  However after realizing how long I just waited in line, I decided to go ahead with the adjustment.

Finally it was my turn.  I quickly tried to tell him what had happened, where my injury was and what spinal level he should look at to try and fix my knee.  He politely said, “Lay down, Innate will figure it out.”  He adjusted me twice in the neck and once in the mid back - nowhere close to the segmental level that innervates the knees.  I got up disappointed. 

During the lunch break I began to sense something very strange happening.  My leg was working better.  I was able to step off the curb, my range of motion was improving, and the pain which had kept me up all night was drastically decreasing.  By the time we got home late that evening I was able to show off my new knee by piggy backing my friend up two flights of stairs.  Wow!  What had been 5 months of casts, rehab and excruciating pain had healed nearly instantaneously.  Healing can occur very quickly and often feels miraculous.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Outrageous Vitality ~ Your Journey to Living Your Innate Potential

Are you ready to make change and want to take your health practices to the next level?
Do you want to learn some very powerful tools to get more out of 2011?
Do you want to set up conditions in your life that will support you in the direction that you desire?

Invest a morning with Dr. Norm and 20 others who will all bring you the encouragement, energy and wisdom needed to make this year your year for Outrageous Vitality.

Please join us Sat 22nd at The Lifehouse
from 10 am – 1 pm
Please bring a health snack, dress in layers, bring a bottle of water, pen & notebook and your copy of "Outrageous Vitality"

By Donation

Call 250 740 0309  to reserve your spot, space is limited 25.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Making Healthy Changes in 2011 ~ The Beacon for January 14, 2011

There are two different places we can come from when we are making changes in our lifestyle.  One is a place of fear and motivation, the other is from a place of love and inspiration.  Both are very important and both can be incredibly valuable vehicles of change.

For some people being motivated by fear is essential.  They have left their health slide for years and years and now face eminent problems.  If you are one of those people tune in and observe what your life has amounted to.  Feel the imbalances in your body, the pains, and the tensions.  Also notice the areas of disconnect.  Imagine the blockages in your spine, the areas of subluxation and where your life force is being shut off.  How bad does it have to get before you finally take action and do something about it?  If you are not going to make changes now - when are you going to?  What is it going to take to make yourself and your health a priority?  If you don’t do anything about it what do you see happening?  How will this affect your family, your friends, and your livelihood?  How will other people view you and the life you are living?  What things would you have to give up if they got any worse?

Now sit and be with your answers to these questions.  Feel the energy inside.  Feel the fear.  Feel the sense of urgency.  Tune into your body.  Where is this energy in your body?  Now amplify it.  Intensify it.  Double it.  Now open your eyes.  How can you use this energy to make the changes that you need to make in your life? 

Another way to make change is to be inspired by love.  As we evolve love becomes a much stronger force than fear.  It is also a much healthier force.  It brings us beyond the problems, beyond the danger into a life that is truly one that we desire.  What is your desired life as it pertains to your health?  How would it feel to be in your body that you love?  What foods do you enjoy eating that your body loves as well?  What would it feel like to be in a maxluxated body, one that is open, aligned and expressing your maximal life force?  What would it be like to get adjusted for health optimization, where you don’t require symptom based-care but desire it because it is good for you? 

Now sit and be with your answers to these questions.  Feel the energy inside.  Feel the love.  Feel the sense of excitement.  Tune into your body, where this energy in your body?  Now amplify it.  Intensify it.  Double it.  Now open your eyes.  How can you use this energy to make the changes that you need to make in your life? 

Being motivated by fear and being inspired by love are both very powerful.  If you are ready to make change and want to take these practices to the next level, if you want to learn some very powerful tools to get more out of 2011, if you want to set up conditions in your life that will support you in the direction that you desire join us Saturday January 22nd.

Invest a morning with me and 20 others who will all bring you the encouragement, energy and wisdom needed to make this year your year for Outrageous Vitality.
Please join us next Sat 22nd 
from 10 am – 1 pm at The Lifehouse.   
Call to reserve your spot, space is limited 25.

Dr. Norm

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Setting your Intention for 2011 ~ The Beacon for Jan. 6, 2011

The New Year is well upon us.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to have 2011 be your best year yet?  Well the potential for it certainly is here.  Never before has there been this much opportunity and possibility.  Never before has so much pressure for change and growth supported us.  Now not only is your own desire to be the best you - you can be calling you forward, you are also getting a tremendous nudge from your universe around you.  Yes it is time that we all go deep, connect with who we really are and then make the appropriate and timely changes that are necessary and give our gifts with total freedom and joy.

One of the things that I love doing each New Year is to pick a word for myself.  This word summarizes the upcoming chapter, tone or intention for my life that I see embodying throughout the year.  Last year my word was “blossom”.  It certainly was a year of blossoming for me.  Blossoming into a new home practice and blossoming in to greater community service.

This year my word is “activation”.  With so many visions and plans that are so close the idea of activating these into reality sounds both daring and timely. 

How about you?  If you were to summarize your year ahead into one word what would it be?  Look deep within, touch, feel and listen the word is there.  (If you haven’t already done so please take a few minutes and do so now.)  Now that you have your word, how can you ensure your constant remembering of it?  How can you place it in your environment to reinforce this directive?  How can you enlist those around you to keep you on track?

To support you on other changes that you would like to make we are hosting an amazing workshop
Sat Jan 22nd - 10 am - 1 pm 
At the workshop you will:
Uncover and learn how to consistently implement a powerful tool developed by Dr. Donald Epstein to assist in making change easy in your life. 
You will also orientate yourself to making healthy lifestyle changes inspired by love and possibility (instead of the common fear and guilt).
Discover a missing link often over looked that is essential for you to be at your best. 
And much, much more.

Join us for Creating Outrageous Vitality Saturday Jan 22nd from 10 -1 at The Lifehouse 1710 Jingle Pot Rd. AND for those who don’t have it already, all in attendance will receive the new version of my book “Creating Outrageous Vitality”.  Your investment is by donation.

Please register at The Lifehouse or by calling 250 740 0333.  Space limited to 25.

Between now and then I will leave you with a couple of great New Years questions that my friend Ev gifted me.  Enjoy!

1) Looking back one year form today, it is important to me that I have grown as a person by _____________________

So that_____________________

2) Looking back one year from today, it is important to me to have contributed to others by_____________________

3) Looking back one year from today, it is important to me to have overcome my challenge of_____________________
And one of my own….

4) How am I going to express more Outrageous Vitality in 2011?

Have you a great one!
Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse