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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can You Be Healthy If You Have Symptoms? ~ The Beacon for March 22, 2011

Imagine if every time you called to speak with your best friend that friend assumed that what you were only speaking bad news.  So your friend encouraged you to quite your complaining.  This seemed weird to you because sometimes the news you had to tell them was bad, like the time you had a death in the family and you really needed their support.  Other times you had some really exciting news to tell, like when you got the job of your dreams, you were so excited you wanted to share the news right away.  Yet when you called to talk about your new job, your friend took that the news was bad and told you to stop complaining.   Most often the times when you called to talk with your friend it was neither good nor bad.  It was just the regular news of the day and your intention in calling was to connect with your friend.  Yet even on these days when the news was just the regular daily affairs your friend still heard the news as bad news and asked you to stop complaining.  After a while you questioned your friend’s communication skills because you realized that no matter what or how you spoke your friend was going to hear it in the same way and ask you to stop your complaining.  “I wonder if he/she is even listening to me?” you ask.  How much longer would you continue to try and communicate with this person?  How much longer would you continue being best friends with this person?   
Not many of us have best friend who behave like this.  However we all have a relationship with our bodies and many of us do communicate with our bodies this way.  When your body talks to you - do you assume it is bad?  Does your body sometimes speak to you about good news?  If so, how do you know it is good news?  Does your body sometimes say things just for the sake of saying things?  Many people when they hear from their bodies ask their bodies to be quiet by numbing or distorting the communication with pain killers, cough suppressants, antihistamines and other drugs.  If this way of relating is consistent, what do you think the quality of relationship between them and their bodies is like?  How long do you think it will take before their bodies will simply sever the lines of communication?

This week I would love to hear from all of you some examples of healthy symptoms.  I think it will be a great learning process for all of us to learn from each other.  Please add your comments either on our Facebook FanPage or on the blog.  For all who play along there will be prize for you at the front desk as a thank you for playing along!

A heads up - Heather and I are off for a week of Advanced Chiropractic Training with my dear friend Dr. Peter Amlinger and friends.  We will be away next week nourishing our bodies and minds so we can serve you even better into the future.   Make sure you get in for a last minute alignment before the week’s end.

Have a beautiful next couple of weeks.
Dr. Norm

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Health Essentials Talk (at The Lifehouse)
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Join Dr. Norm & learn how to implement an inside-out approach to health and wellness. Learn about how past experiences relate to your nerve systems communication from your brain to your cells and tissues determining your quality of life and health.

You will leave understanding what you can do to facilitate the process of health and healing. You will learn where more
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Art of Letting Go ~ The Beacon for March 15, 2011

Science tells us that our bodies are regenerated new every seven years.  The opposite is true as well; every cell in our body dies every seven years.  Life is nothing more than a series of births, deaths and rebirths.   We are in a constant state of change, things are always changing.  The futile effort of trying to have things stay the same is resisting one of the laws of life.  Reassurance comes in knowing that what happens after death is rebirth.  

In my life I am in the process of letting go of a couple of my most favourite material possessions.  My beloved 1992 Volvo, who has been with me for most of my time here in Nanaimo, who hauled the majority of the lumber to our home during our renovations, who has been on many road trips, has witness a number of laughs, tears, and hugs, is on her last leg of her journey.  She is inconsistently starting and when she does coughs huge plumes of smoke.  She is no longer a reliable form of transportation and is merely a sentimental belonging who I love dearly.  I had made an agreement that if my brother, who is a mechanic and visited last weekend, couldn’t fix her that I would be letting her go.  Easier said than done.  Some time letting go is uncomfortable and sometimes it is not what we want to do.

"To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven - a time to break down, a time to build up. . . a time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to keep, and a time to cast away."  Ecclesiastes

My favorite pair of jeans are also on their way out.  They are the pair that I reach for each weekend- all tattered, torn and stained, and man do they feel comfortable.  Kind of like an old habit that you know just doesn’t serve you any longer, but is so familiar and comfortable you keep going back to it anyways.   Yes the old and familiar certainly can become very comfortable.  Even when it is unhealthy it provides a false sense of comfort. 

“When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

This week I challenge you to look at your life and notice that which you are holding on to.  Notice any old relationships, material possessions, habits or thought forms that simply no longer serve you.  Throughout the week I encourage you to write them down.   Make a list.   This Saturday is the Full Moon which energetically is an ideal time to let go and this Sunday is the Spring Equinox which energetically is an ideal time for rebirth.   I encourage you to take some personal time this weekend to bless that which no longer serves you, thank it for all that it has offered you and then release it making room for the new.  If you need extra motivation you can also write out the costs of holding on are and the benefits of releasing it will be.  Remember that life is nothing more than a series of births, deaths and rebirths.  I wish you well on your journeys.

 “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

Dr. Norm

* Heather's additional note - Especially if you are resistant to put this exercise into practice, give it a try.  Remember it's there in the uncomfortable, real places where there is the most opportunity for growth.   

Some of the Luckiest people are under Chiropractic Care

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What would your life be like if you lived free of interference? ~ The Beacon for March 8, 2011

To begin with let us establish a couple of truths.  Inside you is your innate intelligence.  This innate intelligence is perfect in its expression.  It is the wisdom that coordinates all or your 70 trillion cells all living in perfect order.  It also provides surveillance amongst the 700 trillion viruses and bacteria inside your body allowing the good to remain and destroying the bad before they take over.    Your innate intelligence grows your hair, replenishes the lining of your stomach and renews your blood all day, every day.  Wow is your innate ever incredible!  

This same innate is also the wisdom that helped you learn to speak, learn how to pronounce words, form sentences, read and write.  It is the same wisdom that helped you learn to walk, run and ride a bicycle.   It is the part of you that provides you your intuition, your gut feelings, helping you know your own truth.   Innate is also unique to you in that you have special skills, your own talents; you have gifts that no one else on the planet has.  Yes, your innate is very, very incredible.

Unfortunately your innate can get blocked, just like a river’s flow can be reduced with a beaver dam, dead log and litter.  When your life stresses rise higher than your ability to handle and manage them innate communication is also reduced.  Falls, accidents, injuries, poor diet and an overwhelming workload all interfere with your body’s innate ability to fully express itself and disease ensues.   This also happens when your ego mind interferes with your innate wisdom within.  Judgement, negative self talk, insecurities all interfere with your innate expression and a life of mediocrity results.

Chiropractic is your gateway to previously unexpressed human potential. “ DD Palmer

The chiropractic adjustment removes interference so you can live in tune with your innate.

Imagine just for a second what your life would be like if you lived free from interference.  If you lived with your life channels fully open, your light turned on so bright.  Think of what you could accomplish, who you could inspire and what more you could feel in your life. How would it affect the way you speak to yourself, your spouse, your family, co-workers and strangers?  What would be new and different?  Instead of just coping through your day... you could be vibrant, alive and bright.  Imagine the possibilities!  Why settle for less than you deserve?  

Give us a call and we’ll help you reconnect to your innate potential with a very precise adjustment to clear those blockages.  Cheering you on to be the Best you – you can be!

Dr. Norm

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being Myself ~ The Beacon for March 1, 2011

Last week I had a tremendous learning that I want to share with you.  I was presented with quite an opportunity.  A gentleman from our community, Paul Manly, contacted me and expressed interest in doing an exchange of some chiropractic care for some video work.  Paul is a local documentary maker who has quite an impressive background and portfolio.  I jumped at the chance as I have been intending to bring some of my ideas to video making it more accessible for people and to provide it to a larger community via the internet.

I met with Paul at the beginning of Feb. and made plans for a video shoot that was to take place on Feb 20th.   This allowed me over two weeks to prepare.  I began brainstorming the various topics that I wanted to discuss.  Having done talks in the office nearly every week since the opening of the Lifehouse I had a lot of material to organize and prioritize.  Easily I had a list of my top 13 ideas I wanted to share.  The next step was to organize each of the talks.  I meticulously wrote out each script, picking the perfect words, having great lead-ins and tie-ins.  The whole thing was quite a project.  I invested around 30 hours in prep time.   Which seemed strange as the topics were not new to me, many of them were ideas that I had communicated 100 times over.  However, I wanted to prepare so I could really master them and complete as many as possible in the four hours that we had scheduled for the shoot.

The day of the shoot finally arrived.  Lights were set up, cordless microphones in place and camera rolling…. 
“Hi, I’m Dr. Norm, a blah, blah, blahblahblah.”   Shoot, okay, take two.   “Hi. I’m Dr. Norm and these are your optimal health ideas.”  I said with a nervous voice and no smile.  Yikes, I was tight.  Take three. Take four.  And so the morning progressed.   By the end of the shoot we struggled through to get 3 done, nowhere close to the 13 that I thought we would complete.  I was left feeling tired, tight and disconnected - a feeling that was inconsistent to me to feel after any of my other talks.  Well it was a beginning and was soon to be a giant learning for me as well.

Paul dropped off an unedited copy of the shoot so I could review the tape and learn more.  Watching the video I could see within a few minutes of what was going on.  I was not being myself.  Wow!  With all the excitement of doing video, of wanting to bring my message to a larger community somehow I convinced myself that I needed to be someone else.  Someone bigger, someone smarter, someone more polished.  Yikes!

This happens to the best of us, I’m sure.  And as uncomfortable as this learning was for me it also included this most precious remembering:
Norm the world needs you, and needs you to be no one else but yourself.

The same goes for you as well.  So when you feel bombarded and pushed to ‘fit’ a certain expectation others have on you… take a moment to stop, catch your breath, center and reflect on who you are and how you want to express yourself authentically and then take it from there.  And remember if you don’t get it right the first time there is always….”take two”!

Living and learning.
Dr. Norm