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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How To Activate Your Creative Power

Way back in 3rd year chiropractic college I started my very first personal growth and transformational coaching program called Living Creation.   My love for this work blossomed, coaching both chiropractors (yes before I was even out of school) and lay people alike.  The tag line for my work was, We are all creations.  We are all creators.  My work focused on helping people develop their power as creator while honoring their unique qualities as the creations they were.    Little did I know that way back then I had outlined what would become one of the central tenets for my personal philosophy for the years to come.  Attending the Mike Dooley workshop in Victoria recently, (and if you have yet to sign up for his daily Notes From The Universe email, I would recommend you do...they are a treat to read each day, I was refreshed with the powerful tool of visualization that we all can exercise as the creators we are.
Science has shown us that the mind and the body can’t differentiate between something that is visualized and the action taken in the physical world.  Visualization activates the nerve system of your body and mind into experiencing “this dream” that you are creating.  This hard wiring effect makes it easier for a similar scenario to be experienced by the mind and body once the original track has been laid.  The more you develop this wiring the more available and ready you are for it to occur in your physical reality.   When you entrain your energetic body through visualizing, the field of electricity around you vibrates in the frequency of that which you are visualizing.  Our energetic body dances all day long with the infinite universe of possibilities all around us, attracting more of that which we vibrate and repelling that which is different.  Know that as creator you really can have an effect on what comes your way, how people interact with you, your health, your wealth and yes, even your happiness.  These are not due to chance; you do have a very important role in your creation.
As with any tool, the more we practice, the better we become and the more results we will see.   I encourage all of you to dedicate 5 minutes of your day, 5 minutes of every day to see your ideal life realized.  It will be some of the best 5 minutes that you invest in yourself.  Below I have outlined some of the important aspects of visualization that I have distilled through the last 10 years of study.  Enjoy!
Tips To Visualization
1)       Alignment is key.  Although all things are possible, some things are more probable than others.  When visualizing focus on your unique desires, your unique gifts, what is right for you.  Trying to do, be or have something that is not in alignment will be an up stream battle, it may be possible but it will be a lot of struggle.  Physical and energetic alignment is key as well.  Having your nerve system aligned and energetic system properly flowing allows you to know more clearly who you really are, and will also amplify the power of your visualizing.  Would it make sense then that during an adjustment is a great time for you to visualize?  You betcha!
2)      Start with the end in mind.  See that which you are working towards done already.  Feel it complete:  your goals attained, yourself lying in the arms of you lover, your body healthy, whole and vibrant.  The process, the how am I going to do that is secondary.
3)      Emotion is power.  Adding emotion to your visualization jiggles your cells, it vibrates your being and makes space in your body for something new to show up.  Try actually being happy, jumping up and down, or even giggling when you visualize.  Notice the rush of energy afterwards.  Oh, I know it is kinda different, yet isn’t different and change what we are intending to create?
4)      Put yourself in the picture.  Many people have dreams that live out there and up there.  They have a dream partner that is out there some where, they know their dream car but never have the courage to see themselves in it, or see themselves looking through the living room window of their new home.   You being in the visualization is key.
5)      Visualization works for all things.  Although the movie the Secret made visualization main stream and it focused largely on material manifestations, the same power that can manifest a new home can manifest health, happiness, inner peace and global revitalization.  In these changing times I believe it is critical that we all lend our creative juices to the world at large. I empower you see the oceans detoxifying, the ice caps freezing and each of the world’s children being fed a daily, nutritious breakfast?

In the end make it your own, have fun with it, and just try it out.   The more you practice it the more you will be amazed at the power you have as the creator of your life.
Serving you,
as both the creator and creation that you are,
Dr. Norm

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Chance" Occurrences

These past two weeks Heather’s parents have been visiting us from Winnipeg. The trip coincided with a wedding for them in Victoria on the weekend. Sunday also happened to be another special day for Heather and I, as one of our favorite authors and speakers, Mike Dooley was also in Victoria doing a talk. So we saddled up the motorcycle early Sunday morning and took off for Victoria, with plans to meet up with her parents after the presentation, for dinner. After stopping for gas and winding in and out of towns, we finally arrived in Victoria. Getting to the speaking venue was also a journey; navigating with a map becomes much more interesting on a motorcycle. Everything went well, we made all of our turns and were on the final street before the exit to the hotel. Then I heard Heather speak into my ear, “Oh there’s the exit ramp”, which I missed by just a fraction of a second, so I calmly pulled over and made the next legal u-turn. As the bike circled around, again I heard Heather, this time it was more like a shout, “Hey, Dad, Hi Dad!”, as she was waving like mad. Just three feet to the side of us were her parents, who were out for a morning walk. In a universe with some 100 billion galaxies, in a galaxy with some 100 billion solar systems, in a solar system with 9 planets, on a planet with some 7 billion people, two people (Heathers parents) travelled all the way from Winnipeg to attend a wedding, on the same day that our favorite speaker was in from the States, and were going out for a walk in perfect timing for us to “miss” our turn off, only to be three feet away from where we had turned around. We couldn’t have planned it any better if we tried.

Some other amazing “chance occurrences” from the words of Mike Dooley:

On our lonely planet, there are some 100 million species, of which we are just one.

There are micro organisms that thrive in hot lava pits.

There are whales in the Atlantic ocean off of Canada that communicate with one another by song to whales 2,000 miles away in the Caribbean.

The arctic tern take off every year at the onset of winter from Siberia to fly 8,000 miles away to Australia much of their flying done while they sleep.

There are caterpillars that fall asleep only to wake up as a butterflies.

Makes me think, maybe there is something to this thing called life? 

How about you?

Living in awe of the mystery, 
Dr. Norm and his team

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crystal's Request for 1 Bdrm suite

This is outside of our regular posting, however, we think this could really help Crystal out!

I am ready to move out of my downtown apartment of 9 years (with an excellent reference letter from the land lady!) into an unfurnished, spacious and hopefully bright, (basement) 1bdrm suite with laundry facilities.  I’d prefer the downtown city quarter, Townsite area and would love access to a yard for gardening purposes and to walk my kitty on leash! It’s important for me to be in a quiet and safe area of town, close to a bus stop.

I know there’s the perfect suite out there for me!

I’m a responsible, reliable woman, non-smoker, and non-drinker and have a well-behaved cat and would be willing to take care of your animals and/or your garden when you’re away. I am able to pay up to $600.00 /month all inclusive (rent, utilities, cable)

Please call Crystal at 753- 1989 for more information or email me at:

That Something

Shared with you by Alita
I enjoyed reading this following excerpt, of a story in the recent issue of Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. It is called, ‘That Something’, originally from a volume called “The Bigness of the Fellow Within”, written by BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic (son of the founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer) copyright 1949. The article in Pathways was written by Dr. Jeanne Ohm, DC (In italics). My additions are in orange:
“We can all relate to hearing the voice of knowing from within. Sometimes called intuition or guidance, this voice will speak to us about decisions both trivial and life-changing...”That Something”(the excerpt below) reflects a time in the writer’s life before he “awakened,” as he terms it. It was a rough time in his life, filled with strife and discord. He was homeless, poverty stricken, hungry and dissolute. He recounts a moment when he asked a stranger in the street for a meal, and the stranger’s reply:
  "No," he answered, a note of pity in his voice.  "I cannot help you.  No man can."  "But you could feed  me," I said, with some petulance in my voice.  "It is not food you need!"  "What then?" I asked.  "That Something," was his reply.
“The author then recounts an experience of falling asleep, having a dream and hearing a voice:
"Who are you?" I asked.  "I am 'That Something'," came the reply.  "But where are you?"  "I am hidden in your soul.  For some moments I thought over what was said.  Then I stammered, "How – how did you get there?"  "I was born there."  "Why have I not known you were there before?"  "No man knows it," answered the voice, "until he awakes."  "Are you in other men’s souls, as well?"  "There is 'That Something' in every man’s soul, which can move the mountains or dry the seas."  "Then you must be Faith!"  "Yes," came the answer, "I am Faith, but I am more – I am that which makes men face the fires of hell, and win."  "Then you must be Confidence, as well."  "Yes, I am more than Confidence – I am that which makes the babbling brooks lift worlds upon their wavelets."  "You are Power," I cried.  "Yes, I am more than Power," answered the voice.  "I am that which makes the wretched failure lift up himself and rule the world."  "You are Ambition – I know you now."  "Yes, I am all you say – Faith, Confidence, Power, Ambition, and more.  For greater than all is ‘That Something.’  I am that which every man must find in his soul or else he will be but a clutter of the earth on which he lives."
    "But how can man find you?"  "Even as you are finding me now.  First you must awaken, then seek, and when you have found you must learn to control . . ."  "Control what?" I asked, confused.  "‘That Something’ . . . borrow it from your soul and baptize your life with it.  Anoint your eyes, that you may see; anoint your ears, that you may hear; anoint your heart, that you may be!"
"But tell me," I cried frantically, for the voice was trailing off to almost nothing, "how can I do this?  How?  How?"  "This is the secret," came the voice to me as the whisper of a gentle breeze, "these words – 'I will'."

   “The story continues with how the author listened to the voice, and followed its moment-to-moment promptings. Opportunities and shifts in all areas of his life occurred.”
The story ends with a discussion between the writer, the man, Randolf, who gave him the idea of “That Something” instead of food, and a professor who was lamenting his age and saying “That Something” could not be reawakened within him:
 I watched the professor of many ologies.  I saw the kindled fires in his eyes gradually die out.  He shook his head wearily.  "No, it can’t be done; it can’t be done," he murmured.  "I have drunk deeply of the cup of life and I am now drinking the dregs.  The cup is filled but once, and when it is gone there’s nothing left but the dregs of old age and poverty."
    "You fool," cried Randolph, leaning forward and shaking the little man roughly.  "You almost had ‘That Something’ in your power, and now you sing it back to sleep with your silly song of pessimism.  It’s the false philosophy, which such as you sing, which has kept men in the ruts of their own digging for centuries past.  Wake, man, wake!  Wake ‘That Something’ within your soul!"
    The two men sat looking deeply into each other’s eyes.  It was the little man who broke the silence.  "Thank you, Randolph," he said quietly.  "You are right.  I will."
Together we light the fire of That Something within you, for you to create your health and your life from...continue to raise the roof on your own health and wellbeing by saying, I will.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Tall Poppy Syndrome

Every year there are fields and fields of millions and millions of poppy’s all living, growing and doing what poppy’s do.  And in these fields of millions there are a select few poppy’s who dare to be different.  In the sea of millions the few who choose to be different, choose to go for it, to stretch themselves, to grow to be all that they can be.  These few poppies find themselves ahead of the crowd, with their blossoms shining brightly for all to see, expressing their true greatness, being all that god intended them to be.  It’s not that they are being boast full, ego driven, selfish, or even that they are suppressing the growth of their neighbors around them.  They are simply being all that they can be which few of the other poppies attempt to be.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear
is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

These tall poppy’s act as an inspiration for others to step up, to stretch themselves, to go for it.  And many times they are just that for those around them, actually encouraging everyone to be better.  But there is also another part of the story.  See because of their obvious height difference these poppy’s make themselves the obvious targets for early harvest.  These tall poppy’s become the first to be cut, the first to be harvested, the first to be picked out amongst the crowd.

We ask ourselves,
‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.

 This story is of course a mirror and a metaphor for us humans as well.  In fact, so much so, that in many parts of the world they speak about the “tall poppy syndrome”, where people literally are afraid to stand out in a crowd for fear of being cut down, being targeted, or being picked on.  Wow how unfortunate.

Your playing small does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that other people won't feel insecure around you. 

Stop and have a look, how much does the “tall poppy syndrome” play an effect in your life?  Are you afraid to stand out, to shine brighter than others, to be different, to achieve your dreams?  Or perhaps you are the one targeting the tall poppies.  Do you find it easy to blame, to judge, to criticize those around you who are successful?   Do you envy those who have what you want?  Do you find it easy to gossip about the rich and famous, or the influential and successful in your town?  Whether we are afraid of being a tall poppy or judging the tall poppies the effects are just as devastating.  

We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God
that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. 
 Now more than ever the world needs tall poppies.  The world needs people to step into their greatness, their full self.  The world needs leaders, ones to guide the way, and each and every person to do their unique part.  So step up, rise up, be who you were intended to be and who cares if you’re taller than the others and if you get cut down a little. Know that this is just part of the game of being a tall poppy.   
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we're liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others."

Celebrating all of our greatness,
Dr. Norm and our tall poppy community!

Poem is by Marianne Williamson
A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of ‘A Course in Miracles’
Harper Collins, 1992

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New location! ~ 1710 Jingle Pot

Further to Dr. Norm's post/Beacon article from last week.  Here is a photo of our new space.  It has a good size back yard waiting to be developed.  Stay tuned for future blogs & facebook posting to see the transformations.

Enjoy a beautiful day ~ full of sunshine, smiles and laughter!
Heather & The Lifehouse Gang

Friday, July 2, 2010

Exciting News...Big Announcement!

Changes at The Lifehouse

Two months ago sitting in meditation, I heard clearly from source that Heather and I were to buy a house, a home to house both our family and also the Lifehouse.  The desire to nest, to root in Nanaimo, and to develop a permanent home for our conscious healing community and to bring my two lives closer together was building.  I envisioned a space that was nurturing for people both before their adjustments, and after their adjustments, a place to connect with nature, being out of the constant buzz of downtown, a place where all of our nerve systems could relax a little more.  We also wanted to respect our neighbors, being mindful of the traffic increase, and also make a space accessible for bus travelers and walkers.   Initially this seemed like a stretch, a “how do we do that”, a “if only we could find the right house”.   We began taking action, increasing our time with our realtor, getting clear in our relationship about what we were looking for, and listening for the best for the Lifehouse.  The details of how this was going to happen seemed huge, however our desire increased.  I spent countless hours in meditation, listening, healing, and learning.  I began to know in my heart that yes this was the best move for us.  And as a friend of mine once told me, “You don’t need to know all the how’s, just get clear on the why’s, the universe will take care of the rest”.  And the universe did exactly that.  Through a series of minor miracles the universe quickly took care of the how’s.  Thank you universe!  Wow, my understanding and trust of manifestation has grown so much through all of this.  
The home and space is located at 1710 Jingle Pot Road.  Just six houses down from our current residence.  One of the biggest questions we have now is whether we will need to rent a uHaul for our personal move or just carry it down the street!   And for all of you, there is great parking, and parking that will not offend our neighbors, a bus stop right outside of the house, and for the more adventurous it is within walking distance of downtown.  There is a large undeveloped back yard, which already has plans for a walking labyrinth and more natural sacred space to be developed which could be used before or after your adjustments.  Butter Tubs Marsh walking trail is ideally located as well for those who would like a little more time with nature.  The adjusting room will be quiet, comfortable and intimate.  There is going to be a continuation of growth and transformation in this beautiful house.   I look forward to sharing it with you all and I am really glad to invite you all a little closer in my life as I see The Lifehouse community as family.

Watch for more information as things progress, our move is expected sometime in September and we will be having a grand opening community party shortly after.  Stay tuned.  Until then I look forward to raising the roof here with you all on Fitzwilliam. I feel the next two months is our encore, and I intend on making it a good one! 
Have a wonderful long weekend.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, engagement, and sharing your growth and ours here at the Lifehouse.

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Follow this link to see a street view and photo of the house. White house on the corner of Jingle Pot and Bird Sanctuary.