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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crystal's Request for 1 Bdrm suite

This is outside of our regular posting, however, we think this could really help Crystal out!

I am ready to move out of my downtown apartment of 9 years (with an excellent reference letter from the land lady!) into an unfurnished, spacious and hopefully bright, (basement) 1bdrm suite with laundry facilities.  I’d prefer the downtown city quarter, Townsite area and would love access to a yard for gardening purposes and to walk my kitty on leash! It’s important for me to be in a quiet and safe area of town, close to a bus stop.

I know there’s the perfect suite out there for me!

I’m a responsible, reliable woman, non-smoker, and non-drinker and have a well-behaved cat and would be willing to take care of your animals and/or your garden when you’re away. I am able to pay up to $600.00 /month all inclusive (rent, utilities, cable)

Please call Crystal at 753- 1989 for more information or email me at:

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