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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How To Activate Your Creative Power

Way back in 3rd year chiropractic college I started my very first personal growth and transformational coaching program called Living Creation.   My love for this work blossomed, coaching both chiropractors (yes before I was even out of school) and lay people alike.  The tag line for my work was, We are all creations.  We are all creators.  My work focused on helping people develop their power as creator while honoring their unique qualities as the creations they were.    Little did I know that way back then I had outlined what would become one of the central tenets for my personal philosophy for the years to come.  Attending the Mike Dooley workshop in Victoria recently, (and if you have yet to sign up for his daily Notes From The Universe email, I would recommend you do...they are a treat to read each day, I was refreshed with the powerful tool of visualization that we all can exercise as the creators we are.
Science has shown us that the mind and the body can’t differentiate between something that is visualized and the action taken in the physical world.  Visualization activates the nerve system of your body and mind into experiencing “this dream” that you are creating.  This hard wiring effect makes it easier for a similar scenario to be experienced by the mind and body once the original track has been laid.  The more you develop this wiring the more available and ready you are for it to occur in your physical reality.   When you entrain your energetic body through visualizing, the field of electricity around you vibrates in the frequency of that which you are visualizing.  Our energetic body dances all day long with the infinite universe of possibilities all around us, attracting more of that which we vibrate and repelling that which is different.  Know that as creator you really can have an effect on what comes your way, how people interact with you, your health, your wealth and yes, even your happiness.  These are not due to chance; you do have a very important role in your creation.
As with any tool, the more we practice, the better we become and the more results we will see.   I encourage all of you to dedicate 5 minutes of your day, 5 minutes of every day to see your ideal life realized.  It will be some of the best 5 minutes that you invest in yourself.  Below I have outlined some of the important aspects of visualization that I have distilled through the last 10 years of study.  Enjoy!
Tips To Visualization
1)       Alignment is key.  Although all things are possible, some things are more probable than others.  When visualizing focus on your unique desires, your unique gifts, what is right for you.  Trying to do, be or have something that is not in alignment will be an up stream battle, it may be possible but it will be a lot of struggle.  Physical and energetic alignment is key as well.  Having your nerve system aligned and energetic system properly flowing allows you to know more clearly who you really are, and will also amplify the power of your visualizing.  Would it make sense then that during an adjustment is a great time for you to visualize?  You betcha!
2)      Start with the end in mind.  See that which you are working towards done already.  Feel it complete:  your goals attained, yourself lying in the arms of you lover, your body healthy, whole and vibrant.  The process, the how am I going to do that is secondary.
3)      Emotion is power.  Adding emotion to your visualization jiggles your cells, it vibrates your being and makes space in your body for something new to show up.  Try actually being happy, jumping up and down, or even giggling when you visualize.  Notice the rush of energy afterwards.  Oh, I know it is kinda different, yet isn’t different and change what we are intending to create?
4)      Put yourself in the picture.  Many people have dreams that live out there and up there.  They have a dream partner that is out there some where, they know their dream car but never have the courage to see themselves in it, or see themselves looking through the living room window of their new home.   You being in the visualization is key.
5)      Visualization works for all things.  Although the movie the Secret made visualization main stream and it focused largely on material manifestations, the same power that can manifest a new home can manifest health, happiness, inner peace and global revitalization.  In these changing times I believe it is critical that we all lend our creative juices to the world at large. I empower you see the oceans detoxifying, the ice caps freezing and each of the world’s children being fed a daily, nutritious breakfast?

In the end make it your own, have fun with it, and just try it out.   The more you practice it the more you will be amazed at the power you have as the creator of your life.
Serving you,
as both the creator and creation that you are,
Dr. Norm

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  1. I love Mike's ~ "Think Unique Thoughts" daily message. Always a boost to my nerve system. :)