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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trust ~ The Beacon for Sept. 20, 2012

One of my mentors, Dr. Arno Burnier, has said “The power of trust is the most power force in the world”.  Before this past week I have understood this quote on some level but never to the depth of it’s truth.

This past week was one of the most exhilarating weeks for me.  With Heather putting together our last minute plans before heading off for a two week retreat/workshop/honeymoon things were moving very quickly.   For those who do not know we are heading off Friday for Italy to join Dr. Wayne Dyer and 300 other conscious loving people on a journey through Italy, Greece and Turkey.  This was an event that we have been intending, visualizing, wishing for, and planning for over 3 years.  Dreams do come true!

As many of you know how quickly things happen in preparation before holiday and this time the stakes were heightened.   This was a cruise, which meant the planning was almost entirely done for us, relax Norm let go and have fun.  Also with us being away for two weeks (this is the longest I have ever been away from The Lifehouse in over 7 years) we have taken the time to arrange another Chirorpactor to come in and cover for me while I am away.  (Dr. Miguel is a great Chiropractor and someone I see regularly and even knows Network so his adjusting will feel similar to mine, you are in good hands).   Another letting go, leaving my baby, The Lifehouse, in the hands of Danielle and Dr. Miguel... big breath Norm. 

In addition to this as many of you know we are featuring a major Wellness & Prevention presentation on Oct 17th in Nanaimo with Dr. James Chestnut (a leader in the industry and an international speaker on health and wellness) at the Vancouver Conference Centre just 10 days after I return.  This is an event that I have been planning now for over 6 months, have over 100 hours invested into and $1000’s of dollars to boot.  Leading into this week we had only sold ¼ of the tickets.  Big breath Norm, trust it is all going to work out.   On Tuesday night we had a Chiropractic Society meeting, I knew it was a great opportunity.   A side note, in the past it would have been quite easy for me to get in my own way, self destruct, with my mind finding things to worry about and abort the plan just to prove my outdated belief that things don’t work out for me.  This time was different.  I felt relaxed, almost irresponsibly at ease.  But it wasn’t irresponsible as I had been very intentional and responsible with the 6 months of prep work.  This time I could relax into my trust.   There was a giant swell of momentum happening in my life, I was instructed to just ride the wave.  And ride the wave I did.   I am relieved to announce that we are now 80% sold out.  (Don’t worry we have save some tickets for our community at home base).

Lastly just to add some spice to it all... we have just completed the process of recruiting another team member to complement our wonderful team.  Again a process that began long ago.  With interviews scheduled throughout the week I found myself relaxing into the know that it was all working out.  I am pleased to announce that we have just recruited an amazing woman, Michelle, who was our top pick even before we began the process.
Through all of this I am reminded that when we are aligned, we are in the flow with universal source energy.  When we are in the flow we can relax and trust knowing that we are working with the greatest force in the world.  I know have a greater appreciation for Dr. Arno’s quote that “Trust is the most powerful force on the planet.”

Have a great next two weeks.  I am going to unplug (you won’t be hearing from me), relax, recharge, refocus and prepare to rock out the year when we return.

Yours in trust.
Dr. Norm


~ Hot off the Press ~ Tickets are ready and moving fast....  "Eat Well", "Move Well" and "Think Well" - key concepts to support Nanaimo and area in expanding their health and wellbeing.

The Wellness and Prevention Paradigm with Dr. James Chestnut
presented by "North Vancouver Island Chiropractic Society" and sponsored by Power House Living Food Co. and Red Door Yoga
Wed, Oct 17th - 7 pm
@ the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, 101 Gordon Street, Nanaimo, BC - 

Two for $40
Available at the Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio (in person or by calling (250) 740-0333)
at Power House Living Food Co. (both locations 6560 Metral Drive 933-3733 or 200 Commercial 591-7873  and 
Red Door Yoga (7282 Aulds Rd. 390-9367)

Or one of the participating Chiropractic offices or local businesses

With permission to post from Dr. James Chestnut -
For the extended video:

Friday, September 14, 2012

Save The Date ~ The Beacon for Sept 14, 2012

Wednesday, Oct 17th marks an important date as the largest crowd ever in Nanaimo will gather for a Health and Wellness talk.   This is a sign of the times.  Nanaimo is full of conscious and health minded people.  More chiropractors, healers, raw food stores are opening in this town than ever before.  People are realizing the importance of being proactive when it comes to their health.  That they are tired of waiting for things to 'break down' before they do anything about it.  They want to feel good, feel alive, and function at their optimal level.  

On Oct 17th we are bringing you one of the world’s most respected experts on Health and Wellness, Dr. James Chestnut.  He is someone who I have been learning from for now over 12 years.  If you were to take a poll of all the chiropractors in town I am positive that they would rate Dr. Chestnut as one of their top three, if not their top teachers.  He travels around the world teaching doctors and lay people alike as to what it takes to be healthy and well. 

This event is being spearheaded by yours truly, it will be a sold out event so I want to make sure we have enough tickets for our people at The Lifehouse.  Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in attending so we can reserve some tickets for you.

Over the next three weeks we will be showcasing a series of videos by Dr. James Chestnut so you can be informed by his message whether you attend or not.  Enjoy.

P.S.  Just a reminder:  Heather and Dr. Norm will be attending a workshop for two weeks from Sept 24th to Oct 7th, but don’t worry we are leaving you in good hands.  Dr. Miguel Arbez will be covering our practice.  Dr. Arbez has been trained in Network Spinal Analysis so you receive the same gentle precise care that you have grown to appreciate with me. 

P.P.S.  A big shout out of thanks to Power House Living Foods Co. and Red Door Yoga for sponsoring this event.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Your Story ~ The Beacon for Sept. 6, 2012

What is your story?  What is the story you tell yourself about who you are?  When you tell other people who you are what do you say?  Some people are addicted to their story.  

Some people are a victim to their story.  And other people are willing to let their old story go for a new one.  

Does your story put a smile on your face?  Does it warm your heart?  Are you open to it changing?

What is the story that you repeat in your head?  You know the one.  The one that goes around and around.  

If you could rewrite your story what would it be?  Or perhaps this is just the beginning of a new chapter.  How would it go?  

Our stories lay trapped as energy stuck in our body.   Find the stuck energy and you have found your story.  Free the stuck energy and you have freed the story.

Dr. Norm

P.S. Save the date, Oct 17th.   The North Vancouver Island Chiropractic Society, is bringing in Dr. James Chestnut to speak in Nanaimo at the Convention Center.  You would recognize Dr. James’ face from the cover of his book 'The Wellness And Prevention Paradigm' which is often around our office. This will be a sold out event, but since yours truly is organizing the event you can preorder your tickets from us now.  Tickets are just $20.