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Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Prenatal Chiropractic Care:
Empowering Your Pregnancy and Birth as a Natural Process

Are you pregnant and looking for ways to alleviate unwanted back pain, body tensions and discomforts in a safe and effective manner?

Are you looking for ways to support your pregnancy physically, mentally and emotionally, ultimately making your birth an empowering experience?

Is your baby currently in the breach position and are you looking for safe alternatives to support the natural turning of your baby as you prepare for their arrival?

Do you have a newborn baby with some health challenges? 

Or perhaps your baby is healthy and you want to give them the very best opportunity to grow up in a healthy body?

If so we welcome you.......... to The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio, where we specialize in prenatal chiropractic and family chiropractic care

Hi there, I am Dr. Norm.  I am passionate about working with expecting moms and families, as this is such an important and dynamic time.  If I can be of any assistance helping you prepare for giving birth with prenatal chiropractic care, I would be honoured to do so.  Let’s begin today with this great article, may you be informed and inspired. 

"If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness
replace fear and hatred we must begin with how we treat each other
at the beginning of life. For that is where our deepest patterns are set.
From these roots grow fear and alienation or love and trust."
~Suzanne Arms

In our modern world, birth has become a stressful and fearful process for many, and for others it is one of the most amazing and empowering experiences ever.   What is the difference between the two?  In many years of offering prenatal chiropractic care to pregnant moms and families, the difference that I see is in the preparation and support the mother has given to herself along the way.  If you are a mother preparing for this amazing experience, or if you are a new family wanting to give your child every advantage possible, you are not alone.  Our office is full of pregnant moms, dads, and newborns, as prenatal chiropractic care is one of our specialities.

The most important thing to remember is that birth is a natural process.  Women have been doing this for thousands of years.  Unfortunately in our culture, trusting this natural process, for some, has been lost.  Rebuilding this trust is an essential place to begin for your successful pregnancy and birthpreparation.  At our office we do this through education, reassurance and by helping your body adapt and function the way it is intended to with safe, gentle and effective prenatal chiropractic care. 

Below is a beautiful story, by a local Nanaimo woman named Holly.  She shares her story in two parts: the first part is of her daughter Angelina’s birth; one that Holly planned little for, had little support during and which turned out to be a stressful and heart wrenching experience.  The second part is the journey and birth of her second baby Cohen, which she prepared for, had great support during (including prenatal chiropractic care at our office), and it turned out to be an empowering and heart opening experience.   I hope that you are moved by her story.  Know that with a little effort, some support, love and intention, you too can prepare to have your ideal birth, one that is aligned with your values, whether that is a home birth or one at the hospital.  Enjoy.

Holly’s Story
When we find out that we are pregnant, the first feeling for most of us (moms) is one of pure joy.  The subject of labour & delivery however, brings up another feeling entirely. Fear. 

For my first pregnancy, at the mature age of 27, I felt terrified by the idea that my body would have to do the work of delivering this child that I carried.  I wasn't ill, quite the contrary, I was a healthy, fit and vibrant person.  But, I had no idea how to trust my innate wisdom.  Heck, I didn't even know I had any wisdom!  My fears where connected to a lack of trust that my body could handle the pain of delivery and that I would "fail."  We're bombarded with images of medical births, full of screaming mothers and fainting fathers.  I'd heard of natural home births, but in my mind, that was for women who were so much "tougher" than I was.  I was haunted by the voices who said, "what if," and "it’s not safe." In my 27 years, I had never experienced nor witnessed anyone give birth in my presence.  It never struck me as odd either, that I had not.

Because of my fears, my lack of self-trust, I opted for the route of conventional care & a hospital delivery.  It was safe, and it was just fine.  I never felt comfortable however, but I chalked that up to my unease about giving birth.  My doctor was cold, the office was sterile and the hospital was clinical and intimidating.  When my water broke, but contractions didn't kick in, my call to the doctor was met with...yes, fear! It was recommended that it was "best for baby" that I be induced.  So, induced I was!  Into the hospital bed, hooked up to monitors, poked with IV's and my baby was on her way into the world. The pain was more than I was prepared for, and my fear took over again.  I found myself begging for an epidural.  Once in place, my body was numb.  I could no longer feel anything.  Labour dragged on and on, and finally, when I found myself exhausted, my daughter, Angelina, was born.  I recall wondering if she was healthy and finding out that she was, I passed out.  When I came to, we tried to nurse, but she and I were both so worn out by the experience that neither one of us could.  More sleep.  Eventually, we both figured out the nursing thing and we're healthy & happy today. But after this, I was left wondering if there was a way we both could have had a better experience

-forward 5 years, and I've learned so much about myself.  I've learned that humans are so wise, and that I am far stronger than I realized.  I learned to trust my own strength and my intuition.  When I found out I was expecting my second child, again came the joy.  But I was certain that my birth experience would turn out entirely different.  I listened to that inner voice when it told me that I should meet with Dr. Norm Detillieux, of The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio ( ) to see if he could assist me with my pregnancy discomforts.  Little did I know that this would change the course of both my pregnancy and my birth experience.  Each adjustment with him, I felt better physically as well as emotionally.  It was as if I was waking up.  I was becoming more and more in tune with myself, and it was deepening my connection with my son at the same time.  I began to trust my body, and my intuition.  

It occurred to me that a hospital birth with a doctor was not aligned with the kind of experience I wanted for my family.  I felt guided to seek the care of a midwife, and found a wonderful one in Laurie Untereiner.  I also happened to be blessed with the opportunity to work with a doula, Tiffany Nelson. Working with these amazing women, I felt nurtured, supported, educated and that my son & I would have an amazing birth experience.  I learned so much from them, and found myself looking forward to my son's delivery with eager anticipation...and joy!

With the pre-natal chiropractic adjustments I was getting, not only were the little discomforts of pregnancy eased, but I was also physically, mentally, and emotionally well-prepared for the work of delivering my son.  I was more than a week overdue, and of course, HUGE, but yet I still felt a sense of calm and peacefulness.  I trusted that my son would arrive when he was ready.  When my labour started, my body was able to produce its own natural pain-relieving compounds and at every stage of my labour, I felt I could handle the pain.  This time around, my body was ready and I felt empowered.  My labour progressed so fast that my son very nearly beat the doula & the midwife to our house.  When he was born, and placed on my chest, he nursed right away.  I felt nothing less than blissful.  I have to say that until that moment, I'd never experienced bliss before, but I recognized the feeling immediately.  Physically, I felt great.  I wasn't exhausted at all.  I was up and walking around right away, much to my family's amazement. 

I truly believe that trusting my intuition led me to the right combination of caregivers for my son and I.  They helped us have the birth that I wished for, and for that, I am eternally grateful.  It was a magical experience.  I have to thank my daughter as well, for allowing me to have the gift of her birth to inspire me to be even more than I was before. 

Holly, Mike, Angelina & Cohen Boxrud

What a great story!  I will never forget the day I saw Holly after she gave birth to Cohen. She was so proud, so alive and so empowered.  A vast difference to the Holly I first met, who was in tears when she recited her experience of her first birth.  The difference was Holly, and how she prepared herself.  Way to go Holly!

Two of the biggest ways that we support expecting mothers are by supporting their mental and emotional needs through education and reassurance and by the many physical aspects that are positively affected by the prenatal chiropractic adjustment.  The adjustments used are very safe, gentle and effective, often with the same level of touch or force that you would be comfortable placing on your eyeball, additionally modified for expecting mothers. Please read on to learn more about how prenatal chiropractic care is vital to mom’s body to support the normal function of both herself and baby, in pregnancy and birth:

In the mother, prenatal chiropractic care:
·  Prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a state of balance in pelvic bony structures, muscles and ligaments.
·  Reduces interference to the mother’s vital nerve system which controls and co-ordinates all of her systems and functions.
·  Allows for a safer, easier birth for the mother decreasing the potential for intervention.
·  Releases in-utero constraint, facilitating the turning of breech babies
·  Helps to control vomiting
·  Helps you remain active throughout your pregnancy
·  Reduces the need for pain medication during pregnancy by half
·  Shorten labour time by 25 to 60 percent
·  Reduce the incidence of back labour
·  Help make delivery more comfortable

To the infant, prenatal chiropractic care:
Removes interference to the mother’s nerve system allowing for better baby development.
Allows the baby the room to develop without restrictions to its forming cranium, spine and other skeletal structures.
Offers the baby the room to move into the best possible position for birth.

**Graph modified from Dr. Fallon’s research first published in the Journal of The International Chiropractic Pediatric Journal.

In closing, remember that birth is a natural process.  With a little preparation and support going in, birth can be one of the most empowering and beautiful experiences you and your baby will ever have.  If you would like more information or some extra encouragement along the way and/or to start prenatal chiropractic care I would be honoured to meet with you.  Please call our office today and we can set up an initial visit together, call 250 740 0333.  Until then, we wish you well on your journey, and may your pregnancy and birth be one aligned with your values and represent how you wish to bring your child into the world.  
Dr. Norm, Heather and Alita