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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Success of Health ~ The Beacon for Oct. 27, 2011

Do you know what the two major regrets that most people have moments before their death are?  They wish they had spent more time with their family and the second…..they wish they had taken better care of their health.  For most people health is not a huge priority until they lose it.  Don’t you think it is a little too late to realize this?   Know that health is a process and it is a result of the life and lifestyle you have lived up until now.

A couple of weeks ago we mourned the loss of one of the world’s elite creative minds in Steve Jobs.  Mr. Jobs was well known for his ingenuity, forward thinking and radical creativity.  We all have been touched in one way or another by the life of this man.   Personally I have so much to thank Steve for.   During my reflection time appreciating his life I also stopped to ponder if he had led a life similar to the majority of people.  Did he too wish that he had taken better care of his health?  At just age 56 Mr. Jobs had accumulated a wealth of over 6.3 billion dollars and had created a legacy that would live forever.  And yet with all that money and all that success he was left without his health, one of the few things that money can’t buy.

Another well known business tycoon is Richard Branson.  At age 61, Mr. Branson is no stranger to radical thinking.  Starting his first company at age 16 he has gone on to now own and operate over 400 businesses!    A friend of mine belongs to a small mastermind group and when given the chance he asked Mr. Branson what he felt allowed him to do all that he does.  Branson’s reply, “My health.”  It turns out that he invests over 3 hours a day into his health by exercising, eating well, visiting chiropractors and other body workers.  This blew my mind, here is an owner of 400 companies, who attends 100’s of  meetings, travels around the world,  and is responsible for so many staff, who values his health so much that he invest this much energy into it.  Branson knows his health is the vehicle that allows him to do what he loves to do the best that he can.  And for Mr. Branson, that is very well.

So whether you are a CEO, a hockey player, a home maker or a baker, know that your health is your greatest asset.  Without it you are nothing.  With it you have the ability to do what your heart dreams of.  Please don’t wait till the end to realize this.  Begin now, invest in it.  You will find like all good investments the more you put in the more you will get out of it.
Yours in successful living.

Dr. Norm and his team

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"Be Aware of the Dark" Oct 24-Oct 31, 2011 - prizes, snacks, fun

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 ~ Health Essentials Talk - 7 pm at the studio

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 ~ Advanced Somato Respiratory Integration - 7-10 pm, $30 registration

Call to reserve your seats - 250 -740-0333

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Be Aware of the Dark

What is a Subluxation?
Sub=Less than
Ation=Condition, state of being

A Subluxation is the condition of less than full light or full potential.  With each adjustment your nervous system is being cleared of subluxation or interference that will reduce your vitality and expression.

The closer you get to the light, the bigger the shadow.

“You cannot fight the darkness, you must turn on the light.
You cannot fight disease, you must turn on life.”
Jean Belaval, D.C.

"The language of life is light encoded with innate information"
Arno Burnier, D.C.

"Life is light and light is life" Arno Burnier, D.C.

Halloween goodies
Entering the doorway to the "City of Light" - realigning and resetting the nerve system for
full expression of your light & lifeforce.

We are each gifted in a unique and important way.
It is our privilege and our adventure to
discover our own special light.  ~Evelyn Dunbar

Thursday, October 20, 2011

There Are No Alternatives to Chiropractic ~ The Beacon for October 20th, 2011

Being healthy is a result of many different aspects.  It is a wholistic approach that makes all the difference in your overall outcomes and wellbeing.  This is why in the Lifehouse we take time to inform people of the importance of an aligned spine and nerve system and introduce other key components of health like nutrition, exercise, proper sleep and a positive mental attitude.  They all work together and they are complement and support one another.  By adding chiropractic care into your lifestyle you will get more out of your yoga practice, your body will heal faster, you will be more connected, and you will make fast changes in your practice.  Similarly a healthy diet is a complement to exercise.  If you are eating well you will perform better, heal faster and enjoy your work-outs more.  Furthermore, being under regular chiropractic care will also mean that you will receive full value of the food that you are putting in to your body.  Imagine that your spine was out of alignment and the nerves going to your stomach were blocked, this interfered with the way your brain spoke to your body so your stomach was no longer able to digest and break down the food you were eating.  You could be consuming the most expensive, organic food grown on remote hills of the Himalayas that were rich with phytonutrients, micronutrients, and processed in a state of the art factory with bare hands.  But the reality is if your stomach is not functioning at 100% this investment in expensive food is going to be nothing more than expensive urine!   Being healthy truly takes a wholistic and integrative approach.

Furthermore doing one well doesn’t replace another.  Each aspect of healthy living is important.  Would it make sense to say, “Well since I am doing yoga 5 days a week I no longer need to eat well?”  Or “Now that I am thinking positive thoughts I don’t have to exercise my body at all.”  I have met many people who have a very active practice in yoga or participate in another exercise, are diligent with their food choices and yet their spines are out of balance.   Many of them are actually quite surprised to find this out; as it is a blind spot for them.  Once they become aware they are excited to build on the momentum and take an action step because they now have a missing piece to the puzzle.  There are no alternatives to chiropractic.  Nothing replaces a chiropractic adjustment.  Certainly there are methods of care that feel good, but nothing is able to clear the nervous system like the chiropractic adjustment.

Are there things that you can do to get more out of your chiropractic care?  Absolutely!  Just last week we hosted a S.R.I. (Somato Respiratory Integration) workshop – that combines breath patterns, declarations with specific hand positions to build resources from within, that work directly alongside care on and off the adjustment table to really amplify your inner healer.  (With a follow-up advanced SRI scheduled for Wed. Nov 2nd)

Remember that healthy living is made up of complementary healthy habits.  You are a whole person and the more you master all the aspects of you the better and healthier you will be.

Wishing you well in all your healthy habit and encouraging you to share the chiropractic message with those you care about.

Speaking of sharing the Chiropractic message - there is an important campaign currently underway for clients, Chiropractors and friends to join together and make our voices heard to restore the integrity of the CCE.  They are attempting to remove/restrict adjustments and specific language AND license Chiropractors to be able to write prescriptions.  Please click CCE Petition to sign the petition and read more of the details.

Thank you,
Dr. Norm and his team

~~ Looking forward to seeing you between~~
Monday Oct 24th - Monday Oct. 31st
"Beware of the Dark"
& the dangers of Subluxations

Colouring contest for the kids, games, join us by wearing a costume, prizes, healthy snacks 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

“What is Health?” ~ The Beacon for October 13, 2011


We still have a couple of spaces available on our road trip to see one of the world’s leading authorities on health and healing.  The road trip to Vancouver will be full of community, fun and wisdom.   Car pool leaves from The Lifehouse next Wednesday Oct 19th at 2:00 and will be returning on the late ferry that evening.  If you want to increase your health consciousness, be around like minded people and have a great time doing it give our office a call today.  To introduce more of Dr. Arno’s wisdom we have included one of his articles for our Beacon this week.

Dr. Norm

What is Health?
By Dr. Arno Burnier
Most people equate the word health with “feeling good,”“having no symptoms” or “feeling no pain.” One of the most common ways the public discusses health is when they say something like, “Oh, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me except for this cough,” or “I’m really okay on the whole. It’s just this pain in my leg that’s holding me back.”
As a society we must stop viewing isolated parts that get sick or well independently from the rest of the body and begin to view the body as a whole, or we will never understand what health truly is.
One of the best definitions of health comes from Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary.
Health: A state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.

Two things immediately come to light from the above definition. One is that health is something positive, a beautiful state of wellbeing of our whole being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social.
The second part of the definition tells us that merely being without pain, or feeling okay or without symptoms or disease is not at all what health is about.

Health comes from the Greek work “haelos” which means whole. It is a state that emerges when all your bodily parts are functioning as a whole, in harmony with all your other parts. It is a state when each tiny part of you is getting just what it needs to perform its function.

It is a state when our being is coordinated, internally and externally – when all of our parts are working properly under the direction of our brain, the master controller of our body.

Vertebral subluxations create uncoordination, disharmony, dis-ease and degeneration of your body. The role of the chiropractor is to free the communication between brain and body by means of specific spinal adjustments. The adjustments reduce or correct vertebral subluxations, resulting in greater health, less disease and a healthier physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being.

Let’s stop viewing health as something that we lose when we get sick. Let’s begin to see health as something we can have all the time, as something that makes us truly ALIVE!

There is no greater investment than in our selves. The true “miracles” of life are not recoveries from a dreadful disease but rather the ability to stay vibrant and healthy throughout life. This is accomplished by honoring and nurturing ourselves on a regular basis.

So invest in your health and wellbeing by getting checked and adjusted regularly. The difference in vitality, healing capacity, adaptation and recovery amongst families that receive regular Chiropractic care is night and day with the sample population. Their quality of life is superior as a whole, the need for medical interventions at a minimum if at all and the overall savings enormous. Join the Wellness revolution!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Noticing Inspiration ~ The Beacon for Oct. 6th, 2011

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending the Parker Seminars in Vancouver. Over the span of three days I rubbed shoulders with some influential people in the chiropractic profession, as well as listened to some passionate and fired up speakers. The shining thread that I noticed between each of the poignant and memorable presenters was their passion and inspiration. It seemed to flow out from within. These individuals had found what lights them up inside and had followed their heart to where they are today. All had a zest for life, sparkle in their eyes and joy in their voice and expression of self. It was wonderful to be around such driven human beings. This got me thinking – what inspires me? What inspires you?

Dr. Jeffrey Cottingame, D.C. spoke that inspiration is to be aroused by divine influence. It is our spirits getting stirred up inside of us. Inspiration gets us excited about something and our enthusiasm pours out unbounded. You feel excited and can’t wait to talk about it, be around it, breathe it in, soak it up and live it. I believe that inspiration can propel people to another level of their being, in all aspects of their lives. It can open doors and lead to the fulfillment of dreams and success. When we get into our hearts we discover our greatness.

Inspiration can come in many forms both big and small. Often it can start small and build to greater and greater awareness. Maybe you spot a new vegetable that you think would compliment your dinner; perhaps a family member begins jogging and you become inspired by their choices; possibly you notice a small child helping their parent bring the groceries in and you feel moved to treat others just a little bit better. Inspiration could even spark a new flame of passion and give your life new direction and meaning. The key is to focus and notice. What does inspiration feel like to you? Does your heart beat faster? Do you get a flush of excitement? Does time slow down? Observe what you’re doing or thinking when the feeling hits and take notice. Our bodies have messages for us if we’d only listen. If you chose to move in that direction, inspiration can give you extra energy and passion for yourself and your life.

“When you’re inspired dormant talents come alive. When you’re inspired you become greater; you discover you’re greater than you thought yourself to be.”
~ Dr. Gilles Lamarche  D.C.

Speaking of Inspiration ~ you have an opportunity to also rub shoulders with some significant Chiropractors with Dr. Norm and Heather, Wednesday October 19th, when we take a road-trip to Vancouver to hear Dr. Arno Burnier speak.  His message is pure Chiropractic, straight from the heart and with such passion, certainly not to be missed. 

Call to reserve your ticket or for more details - 250 740 0333. 
Meet us at the Studio to Car pool 2:15 pm Wed, 19th

Click on the below blue link to hear one of the many Dr. Arno  videos on  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Melanie & The Lifehouse gang