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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Wonder of You!

"The Wonder of You"- a video by Deepak Chopra
about our inner wisdom and innate potential.  Please enjoy!

Today's the day!

Triad of Change introduction and 5th Annual Innate Intensive Kick-Off is tonight at 7pm at the Lifehouse.
Learn more about the order of your Triad... and the Innate Intensive.
Intro talk this evening is FREE. For more details or to register for the Intensive call 250-740-0333

Innately Yours,
Dr. Norm

May Upcoming Events
5th Annual 30 day - Innate Intensive - starting May 7th
Thurs (7th) - Innate Intensive Kick-off & Triad of Change talk 7-9pm
Thurs (14th)
- Innate Intensive : Perception
Thurs (21th) - Innate Intensive: Structure 7-9pm
Thurs (28th) - Innate Intensive: Behaviour 7-9pm
Thurs (June 4th) - Innate Intensive: Celebration  7-9pm

Registration  - $200, Lifehouse client registration - $75