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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

F.A.Q. -- Innate Intensive

Comparing my schedule to the Innate Intensive schedule I won't be able to attend all the talks and workshop evenings, can I still register?
Yes, by all means you can register and participate.  Like anything in life - you get back what you put in.  Know that each evening will be valuable and unique within the process and in their own right. 
We do encourage that you attend the Intro evening Wed. May 4th and Celebrate with us Thurs. June 2nd.

What does the tracking board represent?
The hallway wall has an Innate Intensive tracking board where each registered participant will place stickers representing their connection to Body-Mind-Spirit-Alignment.  There is a box for each of the 30 days and for each category.

The ideal is that each day you will focus:
      20 minutes for Exercise/Movement   (Body)
      20 minutes for Journal-ling                 (Mind)
      20 minutes for Meditation                   (Spirit)

      & Chirorpractic Adjustments (as per recommendations)           (Alignment)

Do I need to have an adjustment every day during the Innate Intensive?
No, not every day.  For you to get the most out of care at the Lifehouse it is crucial to follow Dr. Norm's recommendation for frequency of care.

What is required of me?
Register by calling 250-740-0333 (before the spaces fill up)
To play full out and make the most of this opportunity - both for yourself and those in the Lifehouse Community. 
Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, pen, pillow or blanket (to sit on for the Meditation Evening)

Length of Events
Workshops will start at 7 pm and finish about 8/8:30 approximately 

Registration Fees
$30 for the month (Please note - this does not include adjustments)

Any other Questions - please call, email or post below. 
Thank you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Is An Innate Intensive? ~ The Beacon for April 26, 2011

"With Innate, we are alive.  
Without Innate, we are dead.  
With only a portion of Innate at work, we are sick.  
With all of Innate at work, we are well.  
Innate is the beginning, source, cause, the only cause;
all that follows is incidental."
–Dr. BJ Palmer, D.C.

Let me remind you of what Innate does.  There are two roles of Innate:
1)    One is to run and regulate your body.  
2)    The other is to run and regulate your life.

To hear Deepak Chopra beautifully describe Innate please visit  

An Innate Intensive is a 30 day focused journey to help you nourish and cultivate your relationship with Innate, bringing you home to you.  It will have you practicing your practice.  Being a human “being” not just a human “doing”.  It will be unique opportunity for each of us as we are all unique.  You will learn to expand through fear and limitation reconnecting you with your true self.  Through it you will definitely grow in self confidence, personal awareness and self acceptance.  If you want to fast track your healing and personal connection come join our conscious group of wonderful Innately driven people for a one month intensive with 4 supportive workshops. 
"If you have no belief in yourself, how can you expect other people- your company, or your customer to believe in you?"
–Dr. BJ Palmer, D.C.

The practice will focus on exercise, journaling, meditation and alignment; connecting body, mind and spirit.  You truly have everything inside of you for a healthy and happy life.  We just gotta getcha connecting with it. 

Call to reserve your seat 250.740.0333
Innately Yours
Dr. Norm

Registration $30

Innate Intensive Events:

Wed. May 4th—Innate Intensive Kick-off

Thur. May 12th—Meditation
Thur. May 19th—Movement
Thur. May 26th—Health Essentials
Thur. June 2nd—Innate Intensive Celebration

 Events will be held at the Lifehouse—7 pm

Monday, April 25, 2011

Starting Wednesday, May 4th...

What would shift in your life if you
trusted the power within?
Starting Wed. May 4th

Innate Intensive
at the Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio

Join us for our 30 Day Innate Intensive
 building strategies & resources to help you tune in and hear Innate messages, focusing on Body-Mind-Spirit Connection and Alignment.

Call 250 740 0333 to reserve your seat or book your first adjustment
Innate Intensive Registration $30)

Check out
& join our Lifehouse fanpage on Facebook.

Innate Intensive Event Dates
Wed. 4th—Innate Intensive Kick-off
Thur. 2th—Meditation
Thur. 19th—Movement
Thur. 26th—Health Essentials
Thur. June 2nd—
Innate Intensive Celebration

Start time 7 pm at 1710 Jingle Pot Road - The Lifehouse

Friday, April 15, 2011

Are You Living In Tune With Your Natural Self ~ The Beacon for April 15, 2011

We all have natural instincts, natural tendencies and natural preferences.   When living in accordance with them we will live in balance and harmony with nature.  Unfortunately our authentic selves have been distorted by the domestication process.  Realize that it is not only felines and canines that have been domesticated.  Humans have been too.  Trained to follow rules, ideas and concepts.  Lured by the seductions of wealth, power and acceptance. Training our intellect to condition our behaviors, our words and even our thoughts to be a certain way.  We are led to believe that if we work hard enough, paddling upstream, against the current of our natural selves we can achieve all of this and more.  Sometimes it does and most certainly it creates inner turmoil between who you really are and who you think you are.  Most people push through this turmoil living a life of struggle and survival with true joy and freedom seeming like things in the far off horizon.  One day I will be truly happy when this finally happens... and I will be free.  The hamster wheel continues, running in circles as we race through our lives, working meaningless jobs, paying taxes, and doing what we are “supposed” to do.  

One day you will awaken.  Awaken to this truth.  The truth that you are not living your life, you are living someone else's life.  A life you have been trained to live.  “Yikes!” you exhale, this sounds all too true.  “What is the solution?” you may ask.  The answer is simple but the act is quite daring – “Surrender”.  Surrender? you confirm.  Yes, Surrender. 
Surrender to your natural self. 
Surrender to the eternal peace that lies within. 
Surrender to the infinite abundance that is your natural birth right. 
Surrender to the ease and flow of living in tune with who you are. 
Because when you surrender and remember yourself as who you are your life will regain the magic and excellence with the grace and ease it was meant to be.

Innately Yours
Dr. Norm

Announcing our first ever - 30 Day Innate Intensive

Starting Wednesday, May 4th with a kick-off talk and party at the Lifehouse
followed by four weeks of support and intentional living. 

If you want to cultivate your connection with innate, to surround yourself with other connected people and to create focus and ritual this will be for you! 
Watch for further details to come.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can You Have No Symptoms and Be Unhealthy? ~ The Beacon for April 6, 2011

Heather and I attended a wonderful chiropractic workshop last week.  With many insights and learnings I am certainly feeling refueled and ready to go!  One of the biggest insights was being able to implement how a healthy life is created from the inside out.  True health is about the expression of life force not the suppression of disease.  When we let our light shine out we automatically inspire others to do the same. 

The role of chiropractic is to remove any interference so that each of us can shine our lights brightly expressing our full life potential. 

This brings me to the second part of last week’s email.    Again, I will ask a follow-up question.  “Can you have no symptoms and be unhealthy?”

Imagine for a moment, that as a child your relationship with your mom was strained and at a young age she stopped talking to you.  You have not talked to her for years.  In some ways it is a blessing because no longer do you hear the nagging and complaining that was so common for all those years. You no longer have to hear her talk to you about her problems and challenges.  In some ways this is a relief.  It allows you to be free, to do what you want, when you want, without having to consider the consequences it might have on your mother.  Then one day you receive a letter in the mail, informing you that your mother had just passed away.  Ohmygosh! You exclaim with shock.  You assumed through all these years with not hearing from her that everything was alright. 

Is this a healthy relationship?  Does not hearing from your mom mean that things are healthy between the two of you?  It is obvious to see in this example having no communication (no symptoms) doesn’t mean that things are healthy.   How does this relate to your body and your health?  Again I would like your feedback on this.  Please offer us your ideas, your thoughts and some examples to answer the question “Can you have no symptoms and be unhealthy?”  I will offer a prize to each of you who play along.  (We welcome emails, posts on the blog/facebook or phone calls)

Interestingly enough, last week our relationship happened like this too.  I asked all 600 of you to play along with me, to share your thoughts, and I offered a prize to all those who played along.  No one answered, not one person.  Wow, I was deflated, frustrated and bewildered.   I began to realize the perfection of the universe as it was offering to me a real life example of the importance of the topic I just spoke of.  As with anything in life, you will get what you give, participation is key, applying yourself is paramount.   As T.Harv Eker, a motivational speaker has voiced “How you do anything is how you do everything!”  Our relationship is no different.  Playing along, engaging with me, and offering feedback builds our relationship.  It gives wind to my sails and fulfills my purpose in life.  Let’s step it up this week, let’s build a healthier relationship together.

Dr. Norm

Monday, April 4, 2011

Upcoming Events & Workshops...

Health Essentials Talk
Wed. 13th, 7-8 pm
Thurs. 28th, 7-8 pm

Wed. 11th, 7-8 pm
Thurs. 26th, 7-8 pm 

Wed. 8th, 7-8 pm

Thurs. 23rd, 7-8 pm

Advanced Health Talk
Thurs. June 16th, 7-8 pm

SRI - Somato Repiratory Integration

Sat. May 7th