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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can You Have No Symptoms and Be Unhealthy? ~ The Beacon for April 6, 2011

Heather and I attended a wonderful chiropractic workshop last week.  With many insights and learnings I am certainly feeling refueled and ready to go!  One of the biggest insights was being able to implement how a healthy life is created from the inside out.  True health is about the expression of life force not the suppression of disease.  When we let our light shine out we automatically inspire others to do the same. 

The role of chiropractic is to remove any interference so that each of us can shine our lights brightly expressing our full life potential. 

This brings me to the second part of last week’s email.    Again, I will ask a follow-up question.  “Can you have no symptoms and be unhealthy?”

Imagine for a moment, that as a child your relationship with your mom was strained and at a young age she stopped talking to you.  You have not talked to her for years.  In some ways it is a blessing because no longer do you hear the nagging and complaining that was so common for all those years. You no longer have to hear her talk to you about her problems and challenges.  In some ways this is a relief.  It allows you to be free, to do what you want, when you want, without having to consider the consequences it might have on your mother.  Then one day you receive a letter in the mail, informing you that your mother had just passed away.  Ohmygosh! You exclaim with shock.  You assumed through all these years with not hearing from her that everything was alright. 

Is this a healthy relationship?  Does not hearing from your mom mean that things are healthy between the two of you?  It is obvious to see in this example having no communication (no symptoms) doesn’t mean that things are healthy.   How does this relate to your body and your health?  Again I would like your feedback on this.  Please offer us your ideas, your thoughts and some examples to answer the question “Can you have no symptoms and be unhealthy?”  I will offer a prize to each of you who play along.  (We welcome emails, posts on the blog/facebook or phone calls)

Interestingly enough, last week our relationship happened like this too.  I asked all 600 of you to play along with me, to share your thoughts, and I offered a prize to all those who played along.  No one answered, not one person.  Wow, I was deflated, frustrated and bewildered.   I began to realize the perfection of the universe as it was offering to me a real life example of the importance of the topic I just spoke of.  As with anything in life, you will get what you give, participation is key, applying yourself is paramount.   As T.Harv Eker, a motivational speaker has voiced “How you do anything is how you do everything!”  Our relationship is no different.  Playing along, engaging with me, and offering feedback builds our relationship.  It gives wind to my sails and fulfills my purpose in life.  Let’s step it up this week, let’s build a healthier relationship together.

Dr. Norm


  1. Absolutely you can be unhealthy and still show no symptoms !! Many of the worse ailments physically are called silent killers for a reason (heart disease, tumors, etc). Mental illness also comes to mind, this is an invisible condition to those on the outside, I mean, there are symptoms but sometimes the symptoms are verbal expressions of the persons experiences and might not be physical/visible such as a runny nose or cough. As a personal trainer I see it often in clients who come in "looking" somewhat fit, but once tests have been conducted it is clear that their bodies are far from being in top shape; and vice versa as well, someone may come in who might look unfit but once tested prove our initial judgments wrong and turn out to be physically strong, flexible, etc. I believe that health is going to look/be/feel something different to each person as well. Another note; perhaps if you have never felt truly "healthy" you would not even know if you had symptoms until you went without them. Hmmmmmmm .......

  2. I have heard of several cases where a person has had illness in their body for a long time before it was known or discovered. Cause sometimes the symptoms are silent and when the illness is found there are times where it is too far gone to save or is by chance that there is recovery. So for sure I believe that you can have disease in the body (be un healthy) and not have symptoms or ones that are load enough for you to pay attention too. Cause there are always symptoms or signs of something fishy going on its just we choose to ignore them (the symptoms) or use a quick fix to tide us over to write it off as no biggy or I'll be fine nothing to worry about nothing I can't handle. Sometimes this goes on for months even years before we pay attention to what really is our body yelling at us with symptoms that we choose to ignore or take lightly. Awareness is the key ;)

    Sonya Lombardi-Wagner

  3. I think our bodies are amply equipped to show no symptoms of being unhealthy, through the bodies production and use of hormones and white blood cells. In fact the more "unhealthyness" our bodies battle off the stronger they become. Even our cells have an intelligence in them that prevents unhealthy cells from multiplying, and decides on how long a cell gets to live. The body and mind are so incredible. Perhaps when we do show symptoms we're just ready for a rest or a radical shift from having a body into being energy. Neither of which are really unhealthy at all. I encourage people to look inwardly and start small at the cellular level to see what an incredible system our body is.

    Sarah Kerman

  4. I definitely agree with all of these points on how listening to our body and what it wants is truly important. Im gonna relate this to myself because that is the easiest way i know how.
    Some day I want to be a personal trainer, which means I will be helping others to feel healthy In their bodies. I can't wait, I'm so excited to help I that way because I know That is what my being is best at, but one thing that I have noticed I'n myself is when I (and this kind of relates to your next months post, Norm) get side tracked or my body-mind-spirit "flojo" gets disrupted then those thought of my future plans and how helpful I can be get a little disrupted. I become sluggish or introverted... And then I find myself asking where the trainer I'n me went... And I suppose this, to me, is another concept of being unhealthy because the power and drive to achieve this has been dimmed by... Well... Ultimately.. Thoughts, my own though paturns .. Aha.. Silly how that works really.... I have a little story to tell actually, that I find quite interesting.. And you might to, it had to do with listening to our body mind.. But this comment is getting quite long so I will post it I'n the next one...if i can.. we'll see... Paaa ha

  5. .... This is the story that i had mentioned i was going to post after my first post... the post i just posted.. aha... okay so..
    And it is related to being unhealthy without symptoms...
    So the other day I went for a jog with a friend of mine. We were in the forest along a trail. It was a beautiful sunny day, it just had rained so all the trees and plants had a shinny glimmer to them and the water falls were extra loud. This was my third time running along this trail with my freind and i was feeling extra excited about how much more i could push myself out of my comfort zone. I even said that to myself when i started... "Angela, today on this run just let your body do its thing, cuz it knows what feels best!" something about me is that because I want to be a personal trainer I often think too hard about what to you should do while working out that I forget to just feel the workout... haah..silly I know... Anyway back to the story.. so I was determined to be more "out there" on this run and it came time to run up the big hill... the big cahhuna! And while i was running up this hill, hard core style... and what happened next was amazing!! i got to that point.. that absolute letting go point that pushed me over the edge of 'what I thought felt comfortable'.. and then to 'what i remember being comfortable'... then to.. "OMG this is amazing, this hill is nothing.... where did that loud waterfall come from? what is that smell? everything around me is so close!! AHAHHA!" And it all happened in an instant... one little nick of time... that hill didn't even know what was coming to em' BOO YA!
    So sure I believe that someone can have no symptoms and be unhealthy, as like my story, maybe it was allergies that made it harder for me to be one with my senses at that time... i dont know for sure, cuz i didnt think i had allergies, but one things for sure.... it was only an instant... a snap-of-my-fingers time frame that made me feel completely whole again... more experiences out of comfort zone?... yes please!!

    Angela Birtwistle