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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cancer ~ The rest of the story ~ Wed. Sept. 18th - 7pm

The rest of the story
Wednesday September 18th 2013

In 1971 President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act and declared a "War on Cancer".  Now 40 years later Cancer remains a leading cause of death.  
Trillions of dollars, millions of lives and are we any healthier?  
Join Dr. Norm as we explore another reality in regards to cancer.

Are there other ways of healing cancer?

What natural ways does your body have to destroy cancer and how can you support them?

What is the gift / wisdom of cancer?

Could cancer be the powerful wake up call many people need but few people respond too?

This talk is open to all.  Be a friend and bring a friend or tell a friend.

Call to reserve your seat - 250-740-0333