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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Terminal – According to Who?

What does it mean if you are diagnosed terminal?  

According to the person who has told you, according to the body of knowledge that this person has, of people who have the same disease markers as you, if you follow this person’s recommendations then you are going to die.

There are other considerations to make before swallowing the diagnosis hook, line and sinker, for instance:  What is the body of knowledge that this person has?

How many spontaneous remissions/healings does this person know of? (Remember that every disease know to man someone has had a spontaneous remission of).

Where did this person gather their body of knowledge?

What forms of treatment were they considering?  Just surgery?  Just chemotherapy?  

What was the population base of the other people?  What were they eating?  Were they exercising?  Were they in loving relationships?  What were their internal states?  Did they consider their traumas and wounds?  Alignment of their spine?  Movement of Chi energy?

If you are given a diagnosis by someone and you don’t like the diagnosis I encourage you to get another diagnosis!

And remember we all have a terminal sexually transmitted disease, it’s called life!  Live yours today!

Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse Team.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Five Most Important Universal Truths Taught by Dr. Norm

 1.         There is an intelligence in all things that is perfect in its expression all of the time. This intelligence made you, heals you, and is you, and is communicated primarily along your nervous system.

2.         Life is a process. You are in a constant state of change. As co-creator of your life you get to choose how your life will unfold and how you respond to your life experiences. Every thought, word and action will move you in the direction of health, wellness and connection; or towards illness, dis-ease and separation.

3.         Everything is energy and has its own vibration or frequency to it, which determines its characteristics, both quality and quantity. Your spinal cord is the main conduit for life force energy to flow through you, therefore the shape, position and tone of your spinal cord will determine the shape, position and tone of you and your life.

4.         Four things are necessary for maximum health and wellbeing, supporting you to be the best “YOU” you can be.
a)  Clarity - having a clear intention and direction in life; aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with what you want to be, do, and have.
b)  Connection - a clear neurological connection so you can ideally express yourself.
c)  Energetic Alignment - an open, flexible, and aligned spine allowing your life force
 to flow in greater quantity and quality.
d)  Wellness - a healthy lifestyle that supports you with everything you need to be your best.

5.         There is both a mind-body connection and also a body-mind connection.  Becoming more connected and consciously aware of your body will move you towards wholeness.