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Monday, October 25, 2010


Very often I am asked if the work that I do has any research behind it.  The answer is yes, and I will include a link to a large list of contemporary research articles, from the past 15 years, studying the profound effects of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), the style or technique of chiropractic that I use.  

Currently, NSA is being studied in over 12 major universities across the United States.  Most of this research is independent research, meaning that it is funded and studied by people other than the chiropractors.  Researchers are profoundly interested in the growth, healing and evolutionary gains people are making while being adjusted.   In fact, they are observing that the changes are so dramatic, it is the first time ever that they are able to study evolution in real time, instead of over generations!  This gives them real live human examples with which they are gaining more understanding about the nerve system, evolution, biodynamics, and healing.  Wow! 

 Research Dollars Outside of Mainstream Medicine. For most health disciplines outside of mainstream medicine research dollars are hard to come by, but for once chiropractors are actually being sought after so researchers can look to the effects of the work.  To read more about some of the work that has been done so far, visit Dr. Donald Epstien’s home page where he has compiled the research that has already been done so far:  Of  all these papers the  one that I feel is the most important to look at is a retrospective study that was the largest study of its kind ever in Chiropractic.

Pharmaceutical Industry Research. In contrast I would like to outline some of the current research that is being done in the pharmaceutical industry.  Now before I go any further, please note I am not doing this to slam or judge the industry, I am saying this only for food for thought as most people are not privy to this information.   In current research looking at pharmaceutical effects those doing the research are connected in some way to the drug company, usually with financial ties.  What has become standard is for the researchers to have a test period before the actual study.  They note anyone or any specific group of people that have high side effects to the drug and they simply remove these people or these groups of people from the actual study (but then these people are not removed from being prescribed these medications later).   It is common knowledge that Prozac, one of the world’s leading medicines for depression, actually took three studies to produce information that was statistically more significant than the placebo.  This means that the first two test the results, benefits from the medication were statistically less than a sugar pill!  This being said, we illustrate that just because something is produced in a laboratory and sold to the public, after having gone through tests and studies, does not mean that it is scientific.  

Ask for more research! Do your own! I empower you to ask us for more research, dig in, explore and do it with all of your doctors and other care providers.  It is all really quite interesting when you start to look at what is actually going on.

Empowering you towards an informed and educated healthy life,

Dr. Norm

P.S.  We had a wonderful turn out for our grand opening!  We will be including some pictures on our blog for you to have a look.  Thank you all so much for you time, energy and continued commitment to our conscious healing community.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank You for being part of Our Journey!

Wow!  What an amazing day to Celebrate!  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather for our Client Appreciation and Grand Opening- bright, clear blue skies, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to share our space and transformations with so many of you in attendance.  There were about 100 energetic guests who went home nourished, uplifted and inspired.  Following the ribbon cutting, Mary Anne shared two beautiful poems and there was an impromptu labyrinth walk to the centre where cello (Allanah), guitar (Thommas) and drum beats (Brendan) shared their gifts.  It was a truly magical experience for me!  Sharmaine challenged our guests with a light-hearted, lively and fun quiz about "Outrageous Vitality" tips.  Then Dr Norm shared a personal, heart-felt account of his introduction to Nanaimo, our process of buying the house and the vision and transformation of the space.

As Dr Norm spoke earlier today, "I feel like Royalty".  You, the Lifehouse Community, our friends, family and neighbours certainly treat us very well.  Thank you so much for all your generosity with contributions to our growing, blooming garden, cards, gifts, well-wishes and kind words.  They all mean so much to Alita, Dr Norm and myself.

Special thanks to:
Cory Anderson for assisting with the ribbon cutting, Mary Anne Moore's poetry reading, Sharmaine Henophy's enthusiastic 'Miss Plum Bloom' clowning, Delaney Madisen for supporting Ms. Plum Bloom and creating poster, Missy Nobels for her energy and support, David Seath for his creative photography work, Bart Long for leading powerful "Lion Walk" experiences, musical talents of Allannah Dow, Thommas Michaud and Brendan Holm, Alita Madisen for assisting in preparing nourishing, healthy snacks.

And to all of you who joined in our celebrations ~ Thank you for being part of our very special day!  It was a very enjoyable, lively day because of you.

Shine bright!
In gratitude for such a special Lifehouse Community within Nanaimo and with Much Love,

Heather & the Lifehouse Crew

Friday, October 15, 2010

See you Saturday!

Are you coming?
The weather looks great for our Client Appreciation and Open House and with the number of confirmations we’ve received of people coming by we’re taking care of our neighbours with regards to parking!

Please park either at:
            Serauxmen Sports field around the corner from us on 3rd Street (just off Jingle Pot, 1 block West)
            Or at the Buttertubs Marsh parking lot just adjacent to the intersection of 3rd and Jingle Pot.

Enter The Lifehouse space through the bamboo gates at the side entrance.
For a map to the house see the link below, we’re at the corner of Bird Sanctuary Drive and Jingle Pot Road.

Be our Guest & Let us celebrate your
transformationhealing & growth
AND come see our new space!
At 1710 Jingle Pot Road
Saturday, October 16th 1-4 pm

See you Saturday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I’m Back ~ The Beacon for Oct 13, 2010

Well after three weeks of hiatus which featured moving The Lifehouse, speaking at The Wise Gals event, numerous late nights unpacking, full hours adjusting, finishing the last renovations, adjusting at Salvation Army weekly, oh yah and eating one of the best Turkey dinners I have ever had (thanks so much again Heather :)), I have managed to dust of my typing fingers to write this week’s Beacon article.  This was always one of my favourite things to do each week so I look forward to getting back in the routine.

The new space is working out fabulously.  We are hearing rave reviews from our clients, who are appreciating the scenic and serene space, convenient parking, accessibility, and functionality of the new space.  For me this is turning out to be a really healthy choice.  I am also really enjoying just walking upstairs at the end of a long day and eating dinner a few minutes later.  I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love, in the city and country I do it in, for all of you.  Thank you.

"Thank you" is a perfect segway into this week’s festivities at The Lifehouse.  This weekend is our annual Community Appreciation party.  This year it also will act as our Grand re-opening celebration, and well if you know anything about me, I love a worthwhile reason to Celebrate.

So mark your calendars, this Saturday from 1-4 at our new location 1710 Jingle Pot Rd.   

We are asking people to be mindful of our neighbours and park in the Serauxman field or at The Buttertubs Marsh parking lot so as not to create a traffic jam at our corner.  

1 pm - We will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony, plus live cello music from Ms. Allanah Dow (if you have yet to see her perform, what an opportunity, and if you have already well you know what I know - WOW, with accompaniment from Thommas Michaud with some flamenco guitar, live poetry readings from Mary Ann Moore, plus clowning and games for the kids, games and prizes for the big “kids” oh, and did I mention Healthy Snacks, yes that too!  

Most importantly we would love your presence.  We would love to show you our new space and all the energy and transformations we've invested in, introduce you to some more of our amazing conscious community and celebrate your healing journey.  

3 pm - I will also be offering a talk about the transformation of the new Lifehouse space where I will discuss the various aspects that I learned through the process, including creating the Labyrinth, setting the intention of sacred space, some basic design principles that we used including Feng Shi while making the project ecological, sustainable and affordable .  

The event is open to all & will be kid-friendly so we look forward to seeing you all out there with your friends and family, the event is a come and go so feel free to drop by for a quick visit or stay for the afternoon.

Be there or be square,
Dr. Norm  

1 pm - Ribbon Cutting & Welcome
3 pm - Dr Norm's talk "Lifehouse Transformations" 
4 pm - Closing

Healing Oasis ~ 1710 Jingle Pot Road


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Client Appreciation & Grand Opening ~ Saturday Oct 16th, 1-4 pm

Welcoming existing and "new" "Lifehouse'ers" as we celebrate each one of you and show our gratitude and appreciation for you being part of our lives. Connect with other members of our thriving, healing community. Enjoy live music, snacks, laughter, games and prizes.

Be a part of the Celebration - as we dedicate all the healing successes and transformation you have experienced as you see the transitions into our new space.

~ Fun ~ Games ~ Prizes ~ Live Music ~ Snacks ~ Celebration ~ Community ~ Tours ~ Transformations & Growth ~

For directions to 1710 Jingle Pot Road please call Alita at 250 740 0333.

(Corner of Jingle Pot Road & Bird Sanctuary Drive - 
Between Wakesiah & the Parkway - North of the Aquatic Centre/Hockey Rink... and South of Buttertubs Marsh)