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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank You for being part of Our Journey!

Wow!  What an amazing day to Celebrate!  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather for our Client Appreciation and Grand Opening- bright, clear blue skies, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to share our space and transformations with so many of you in attendance.  There were about 100 energetic guests who went home nourished, uplifted and inspired.  Following the ribbon cutting, Mary Anne shared two beautiful poems and there was an impromptu labyrinth walk to the centre where cello (Allanah), guitar (Thommas) and drum beats (Brendan) shared their gifts.  It was a truly magical experience for me!  Sharmaine challenged our guests with a light-hearted, lively and fun quiz about "Outrageous Vitality" tips.  Then Dr Norm shared a personal, heart-felt account of his introduction to Nanaimo, our process of buying the house and the vision and transformation of the space.

As Dr Norm spoke earlier today, "I feel like Royalty".  You, the Lifehouse Community, our friends, family and neighbours certainly treat us very well.  Thank you so much for all your generosity with contributions to our growing, blooming garden, cards, gifts, well-wishes and kind words.  They all mean so much to Alita, Dr Norm and myself.

Special thanks to:
Cory Anderson for assisting with the ribbon cutting, Mary Anne Moore's poetry reading, Sharmaine Henophy's enthusiastic 'Miss Plum Bloom' clowning, Delaney Madisen for supporting Ms. Plum Bloom and creating poster, Missy Nobels for her energy and support, David Seath for his creative photography work, Bart Long for leading powerful "Lion Walk" experiences, musical talents of Allannah Dow, Thommas Michaud and Brendan Holm, Alita Madisen for assisting in preparing nourishing, healthy snacks.

And to all of you who joined in our celebrations ~ Thank you for being part of our very special day!  It was a very enjoyable, lively day because of you.

Shine bright!
In gratitude for such a special Lifehouse Community within Nanaimo and with Much Love,

Heather & the Lifehouse Crew

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