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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heather Spreads Her Wings ~ The Beacon for Oct. 25, 2012

The one thing constant in life is change.  That is especially true if you are growing.  In fact, stasis is one of the best indicators of disease.  

As many of you may already know and I imagine some of you are wondering, Heather is making some significant life changes.  As much as I have enjoyed working alongside of her (now over 3 ½ years) and we will forever share our vision of a healthier, happier planet her role in The Lifehouse is changing.  Of course being the heart of The Lifehouse you will still see her around, see her touches in our emails and videos and will hear from her from time to time on phone calls.
I can’t tell you yet what her plans are but what I can tell you is she has already been approached by three different people wanting to co-create with her.  It is safe to say her expression in the world is blossoming.  I am so proud of you Starshine!  
Courage is taking that step in the dark and finding a hand there to guide you!  
I know many of you are aware that it would be nice for your life to change as you are living in and working in situations that no longer serve you.   I dare you to summon your courage and take that first step, ask for help and go for it.  I leave you with this poem by Guillaume Apollinaire that sums it up.  Until next time be well and spread your own wings.  
Dr. Norm

“Come to the edge.' 
'We can't. We're afraid.' 
'Come to the edge.' 
'We can't. We will fall!' 
'Come to the edge.' 
And they came. 
And he pushed them. And they flew.” 
Guillaume Apollinaire


* Huge thank you to all the 350+ guests in attendance for Dr. James Chestnut's talk.  
We appreciate each and everyone of you for your continued commitment and interest in your health and wellbeing.

Thank you to the following very special people who contribution made it such a powerful evening:

Toni, Power House Living Foods Co.
Kavita and Daniel, Red Door Yoga
Jane, Nanaimo Athletic Club

Andre Nobels for his beautiful gift of music.
Thank you to all the chiropractors for your support.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The value in the exchange ~ The Beacon for Oct. 13, 12

"Don't die with your music still inside you" a quote shared recently by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Great advice to live by and share your unique gifts and passion to their full potential.  While I was preparing for a yoga class it dawned on me that to expand on this the music needs to be heard to be fully appreciated and understood.  Once that clear message is sent and received both parties benefit from the exchange.  

Whether it be a compliment, advice or directions if you're lost, the exchange of information, ideas and gifts create opportunities for learning, growth and new perspectives on both sides. Have you ever attended a concert or theatrical presentation and the crowd was really into the event, clapping and screaming, which seemed to inspire the performer, which feed the audience even more and a upward spiral of energy occurred?  In contrast there are times when the message was not fully receivedhave you ever hugged someone who wasn't interested and they stand there with 'limp fish-arms' as you give them a squeeze and you both walk away feeling flat?  

This week we have a great opportunity to experience a powerful presentation by Dr. James Chestnut, an international speaker on wellness who will be here in Nanaimo to share his wealth of knowledge and experience to a room filled with vital, vibrant people committed to their expanding health and wellness.  This is a phenomenal opportunity for each one of us to connect to a very powerful, tangible message.  

With each person in attendance adding their energy and enthusiasm the vibration ripples out from the event to our community, our country and beyond

The more I hear about Dr. Chestnut professionally and personally, the deeper the sense I get of what a treat each one of us is in Wednesday, Oct 17th.

On my own healing journey of personal development and growth I've invested all sorts of time, energy and resources to attend workshops and hear speakers and have literally traveled around the world to do so.   It's nice for a change to have something of this high caliber be available locally.

We are truly fortunate to have the North Vancouver Island Chiropractic Society (a local group of chiropractors who have banded together) with the support of Power House Living Foods Co. and Red Door Yoga to welcome Dr. Chestnut to our "backyard" for a fantastic evening.   I encourage you to come listen to Dr. Chestnut’s music and meet it with the fair exchange that is deserved.