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Thursday, October 22, 2015

"What's your chiropractic story?" ~ The Beacon for October 22, 2015

"Life is an open book full of blank pages. You write the story as you go."

Please allow me to share with you, a bit of my own personal history with chiropractic. My first introduction to chiropractic happened when I was one year old. At that time my father was experiencing incredible health challenges. He had an accident at the local pulp mill, which left him bed ridden for over two months. He had explored options with his medical doctor and the only answer was invasive back surgery. Innately, Dad knew that there must be another solution.

Luckily a friend suggested that he try chiropractic. Although his healing took time and regular chiropractic care, he now is a totally new person. At age 62 he is able to downhill ski, water ski and maintain his physical lifestyle of being a prairie farmer. Through this I have learned that healing is a process and often takes time but in the end it is always worth it! Personally, I have also experienced many chiropractic successes.   I have had improvements with headaches, neck tension, back pain, digestive problems and even my eyesight has improved.

Next time you're in the studio please share your story with us and others.

What if it was the only encouragement for someone to focus on, invest in their health, wellness and offered hope of improvement in their own life?

In Health,
Dr. Norman Detillieux
The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio


A few spaces available for our Upcoming "Healing Bootcamp"
Fri. Oct 23rd & Sat. 24th

November Upcoming Events

Wed. 18th (7-9pm)  - SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration)
Thurs. 19th (7-9pm)  - "Shift in Action" talk, Parksville
Thurs. 26th (7-9pm)  - "Season of Awaken" workshop, $50
Sat. 28th (10am-5pm) - SRI Integration, $150 ($100 if paid registration complete by Nov. 19th)

Call to reserve your seat
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

With Gratitude & Appreciation ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

The Beacon for October 12, 2015

"We should certainly count our blessings,
but we should also make our blessings count."
~ Neal A. Maxwell

Make our blessings count!  There are so many opportunities to do this each and every day.

- Voting in our upcoming election. (Living in Canada we are so fortunate with all the blessings we have - let's not take them for granted.)
- Living an optimally vital life with our health & wellness choices.  Our bodies are a gift!
- Helping, contributing and inspiring others towards their goals and life purpose.
- Sharing blessings in various ways with others. (Volunteering, mentoring, helping neighbours, picking up trash....)
- Acknowledging and giving thanks for our blessings. (expands and circulates the flow of energy in the giving and receiving)  

We are honoured and are so grateful you are a part of our health and wellness conscious community.  Please know each and everyone of you make a difference!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!
Dr. Norman Detillieux
The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio 


Below clients share heartfelt experiences and insights from this past January's Healing Bootcamp...

Access pinacle moments of transformation by developing a deeper connection with yourself at our upcoming Healing Bootcamp.
October Upcoming Events

Thurs (15th) - "Pain to Progress" - Advanced workshop  7-9pm, $50

Next Healing Bootcamp
Fri. 23rd (7-10pm)
& Sat. 24th (7:30am-5pm)  - Bethlehem Retreat Centre, 
Featuring 3 entrainments, live music of Allanah Dow, lunch, snacks and a workbook
Registration $175
Call for more details

As always, if you have questions please let us know.
Until next time be well.
Dr. Norman and The Lifehouse staff

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