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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Doctored Trailer

Join us next week, Thursday, October 9th at 7pm for the "Doctored" movie screening.
Call 250-740-0333 to reserve your seats!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why you are so important

We care about you so much.
We want the best for you.
We want you to live a long healthy, happy life.

We want you to spend each passing year feeling better, more joyous, and more full of life.
But your “healthcare” could be bringing you down. For many it is making them sicker filling their veins with dangerous substances that are shortening their life span.

Sure, medication may alleviate pain temporarily, but for many it is reducing their quality of life.
Why does it have to be this way? Why is this happening? What can you do to eradicate your health problems if medication isn’t the answer? How can you feel better?

All of these questions and more will be answered at our free upcoming movie screening of Doctored, on Thursday, October 9th at 7:00 PM at The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio- 1710 Jingle Pot Rd Nanaimo, BC 

Please take the opportunity to make your health a priority and live a happy, healthy life.

To register for this free event, please click, below:
Be a friend, bring a friend.
Be Well,

Dr. Norm Detillieux

The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio
1710 Jingle Pot Rd
Nanaimo, BC V9R 6H1

P.S. Please register before spaces fill up! You won’t want to miss this opportunity. Register here:

P.P.S. The event will be held at the following location The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio- 1710 Jingle Pot Rd Nanaimo, Call 250 740 0333for more information.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you...
What an amazing first inaugural "Innate Show" we held last week!  We raised over $3000 and We truly couldn't have done it without the support, generosity and contribution of soooo many people, including....

Silent Auction items donated by: Phoenix Healing-(Lucy Taylor), Om Town Yoga, Excellence Seminars, Nanaimo Athletic Club, The Green Store, Numerology by Janyne B. Sinclaire, Lobelia's Lair, Red Door Yoga, McLean’s Specialty Foods, The Missing Piece-(Richard Ferguson), Nanaimo Golf Club, The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio, Oceanview Massage, Bella Donna-Lisa Meikle), Island Natural Markets, Crossfit-Nanaimo, Moksha Yoga, Bibi Bennekou, Knead Massage- (Emma & Rebecca), Arbour Wellness, PowerHouse Living Foods, Island Rose Essences, Cory Parsons, HeartStone Counseling, The Teak Tree, Soul to Sole Spa-(Cali Massey), CR Animal Parties, Body Wellness-(Elizabeth MacBain

Other supporters: Nanaimo Entertainment Centre, Long & McQuade, Brechin United Church, VIU - Culinary Dept, Canadian School of Nutrition

Talented Performers: Andre Nobels, Allannah Down, Cali Massey & friends and Delaney Madisen

Wonderful Volunteers: Debbie, Adrian, Rose, Jessica, Siv, Danny & Suki

With Proceeds to "Chiropractic for the World Foundation"


"What if someone could only receive 
a chiropractic adjustment because you cared enough to help them?"

Every dollar you donate provides an adjustment to someone in a developing nation.

September Upcoming Events

Sun. 28th— LiveWell Expo - 10-4pm - Stop by and say 'hello'
Mon. 29th— Health Essentials Talk -   7 pm 

October Upcoming Events

Mon. 6th— Health Essentials Talk -   7 pm
Thurs. 9th— "Doctored" movie screening -   7 pm

Mon. 20th— Health Essentials Talk -   7 pm
Sat. 25th— Clear Day - healing extravaganza - (3 entrainments, breath work & interactive conscious healing exercises)
Call to register or for more details)

Mon. 27th— Health Essentials Talk -   7 pm 

* Please note* - The advanced talk on "Stress" scheduled for Thurs. 18th has been post-poned.


For more information or to sign up, please contact The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio 

(Space is limited. Preregistration is required for all events.  Please call 250 740 0333)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We can't wait to Celebrate!

Thursday is just around the corner for the "Innate Show"  featuring Andre Nobels and friends...

Quick reminder doors open at 7pm
Show starts at 7:30
Live Music, Healthy Snacks, Silent Auction & Great Community Spirit
$20/ticket or 2 for $30
Proceeds to "Chiropractic for the World Foundation"

Directions to Nanaimo Entertainment Centre - 46 Nicol Street
(from the Lifehouse)...

- Head east on Jingle Pot Rd
- Turn left onto Wakesiah Ave
- Turn right onto Bowen Rd
- Continue onto Comox Rd
- Turn right onto Island Hwy/Terminal Ave/BC-1 S
- Turn right to stay on Island Hwy/Terminal Ave/BC-1 S
- Destination will be on the right

Nanaimo Entertainment Centre is the old Caprice Theatre and South of The Firehouse Grill

If you haven't had a chance to see our amazing silent auction collection here in the studio (prize value is over $3000) check out the below list (or see some of the items on Facebook...)

Very generously donated from local businesses all in support of Chiropractic for the World Foundation.  (

Bidding has begun on the following items...
  1. (2) Phoenix Healing Gift Certificates, Value $75
  2. Golf Shoes, Value $180
  3. OmTown Yoga - One month yoga pass, Value $75
  4. Excellence Seminars - Pursuit of Excellence Seminar (2 dates to choose from), Value $595
  5. Nanaimo Athletic Club - 2 month pass, Value $120
  6. The Green Store - Chocolate Gift Basket, Value $40
  7. Janyne B. Sinclaire - Numerology Reading, Value $75
  8. Lobelia's Lair - Gift Certificate, Value $20
  9. Red Door Yoga - One Module 8 Class Pass, Value $80
  10. McLean’s Specialty Foods - Cheese Platter for 40, Value $60
  11. The Missing Piece - Cranial Sacral Assessment and treatment, Value $140
  12. (3) Nanaimo Golf Club - Golf Pass, Value $75
  13. The Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio—Clear Day registration, Value $150
  14. Ocean View Massage - Massage, Value $70
  15. Bella Donna - Gift Certificate, Value $25
  16. Bella Donna— Soap Gift Bag, Value $20
  17. Island Natural Market— Gift Certificate, Value $50
  18. Crossfit Nanaimo - One Month unlimited, Value $155
  19. King size duvet & sham, Value $ 90
  20. Moksha Yoga - One month unlimited Yoga, Value $150
  21. Bibi Bennekou—Acupuncture Gift Certificate, Value $100
  22. Knead Massage—45 minute massage w Emma, Value $70
  23. Knead Massage—45 minute massage w Rebecca, Value $70
  24. Arbour Wellness—Single colon therapy session, Value $105
  25. PowerHouse Living Foods—Citrus juicer, Value $316
  26. (2) PowerHouse  Living Foods—Gift Certificate, Value $25
  27. PowerHouse  Living Foods—”Green for Life” book, Value $20
  28. Island Rose Essences—Set of three Flower Essence  (Relaxation, Joy & Cleanse), Value $45
  29. (2) "Cooking with Cory" Cookbook, Value $30
  30. Soul to Sole Spa, Cali Massey - Gift Certificate, Value $45
  31. CR Animal Parties - 2 hr Reptile show, Value $200
  32. Body Wellness - 1 1/2 Massage, Value $75

"What if someone could only receive a chiropractic adjustment because you cared enough to help them?"

Every dollar you donate provides an adjustment to someone in a developing nation.


Call 250-740-0333 to join in the Celebration of Chiropractic's 119th Birthday with live music, silent auction, door prizes, healthy snacks and lots of community spirit... in a FUN-draiser for Chiropractic for the World foundation.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Introducing "Chiropractic for the World Foundation"

Proudly introducing...

As you may know Dr. Norm has been contributing time, energy and all sorts of ideas to a non-profit foundation near and dear to his heart called "Chiropractic for the World".  In today's note we wanted to share more about CFTWF...

Chiropractic for the World Foundation is committed to:
- Perpetual chiropractic trips to developing nations
- Educating and encouraging governments to include chiropractic in their healthcare system
- Establishing a permanent presence through affordable chiropractic centers
- Explaining chiropractic to everyone we adjust
- Empowering people to become chiropractors
- Expanding Chiropractic for the World - North America - local outreach program


Projects are already well established.  Donations to CFTWF have supported ongoing chiropractic trips and the construction of a school in Ghana.  Planning has begun in Rwanda and Nepal.  People from the following countries are early waiting for CFTWF to expand their access to chiropractic: (Indonesia, Barbados, Bangladesh, Congo, Ethiopia, Romania, Kenya, Malawi, Micronesia, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Eritrea & Zimbabwe.

Every dollar you donate provides
an adjustment to someone
in a developing nation.

Chiropractic helps you.  Now you can pay it forward!

Chiropractic for the World Foundation at: and on Facebook
Charitable tax receipts issued in US and Canada for donations over $25

September Upcoming Events
Mon. 15th— Health Essentials Talk -   7 pm

Sept. 14th - 20th -- "Light up the World with Chiropractic" week

Thurs. 18th—                             "The Innate Show"

Featuring live music by Andre Nobels, Allannah Dow, Cali Massey, Delaney Madisen & friends,
silent auction (bidding book in studio with details), community spirit & fun!

Thurs, September 18th
@ the

Nanaimo Entertainment Centre (46 Nicol St,   old Caprice Theatre)

$20 or 2 tix for $30
~~ Proceeds to Chiropractic for the World Foundation~~
7pm Doors
7:30 Show starts

Call 250-740-0333
to reserve your ticket today!

Or pick up at the Studio or
The Green Store  (256 Wallace St)

Mon. 25th— Health Essentials Talk -   7 pm
Mon. 29th— Health Essentials Talk -   7 pm 

* Please note* - The advanced talk on "Stress" scheduled for Thurs. 18th has been post-poned.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Join us for the upcoming "Innate Show"

LIVE Music!  Is always inspiring, enlivening and fun...
Come check out Andre Nobels, and special guests Allannah Dow, Cali Massey, Delaney Madisen and friends...

Join us Thursday, Sept 18th for the
lively, entertaining and beneficial "Innate Show"
@ the Nanaimo Entertainment Centre
(46 Nicol St)

Tickets available at the Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio & The Green Store

$20 each or 2 for $30

Friday, September 5, 2014

Common Health Myth #1

Dr. Norm Detillieux's Optimal Health Essentials - a series of conscious concepts to help you radically empower you & your life.