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Monday, April 25, 2011

Starting Wednesday, May 4th...

What would shift in your life if you
trusted the power within?
Starting Wed. May 4th

Innate Intensive
at the Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio

Join us for our 30 Day Innate Intensive
 building strategies & resources to help you tune in and hear Innate messages, focusing on Body-Mind-Spirit Connection and Alignment.

Call 250 740 0333 to reserve your seat or book your first adjustment
Innate Intensive Registration $30)

Check out
& join our Lifehouse fanpage on Facebook.

Innate Intensive Event Dates
Wed. 4th—Innate Intensive Kick-off
Thur. 2th—Meditation
Thur. 19th—Movement
Thur. 26th—Health Essentials
Thur. June 2nd—
Innate Intensive Celebration

Start time 7 pm at 1710 Jingle Pot Road - The Lifehouse

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