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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Noticing Inspiration ~ The Beacon for Oct. 6th, 2011

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of attending the Parker Seminars in Vancouver. Over the span of three days I rubbed shoulders with some influential people in the chiropractic profession, as well as listened to some passionate and fired up speakers. The shining thread that I noticed between each of the poignant and memorable presenters was their passion and inspiration. It seemed to flow out from within. These individuals had found what lights them up inside and had followed their heart to where they are today. All had a zest for life, sparkle in their eyes and joy in their voice and expression of self. It was wonderful to be around such driven human beings. This got me thinking – what inspires me? What inspires you?

Dr. Jeffrey Cottingame, D.C. spoke that inspiration is to be aroused by divine influence. It is our spirits getting stirred up inside of us. Inspiration gets us excited about something and our enthusiasm pours out unbounded. You feel excited and can’t wait to talk about it, be around it, breathe it in, soak it up and live it. I believe that inspiration can propel people to another level of their being, in all aspects of their lives. It can open doors and lead to the fulfillment of dreams and success. When we get into our hearts we discover our greatness.

Inspiration can come in many forms both big and small. Often it can start small and build to greater and greater awareness. Maybe you spot a new vegetable that you think would compliment your dinner; perhaps a family member begins jogging and you become inspired by their choices; possibly you notice a small child helping their parent bring the groceries in and you feel moved to treat others just a little bit better. Inspiration could even spark a new flame of passion and give your life new direction and meaning. The key is to focus and notice. What does inspiration feel like to you? Does your heart beat faster? Do you get a flush of excitement? Does time slow down? Observe what you’re doing or thinking when the feeling hits and take notice. Our bodies have messages for us if we’d only listen. If you chose to move in that direction, inspiration can give you extra energy and passion for yourself and your life.

“When you’re inspired dormant talents come alive. When you’re inspired you become greater; you discover you’re greater than you thought yourself to be.”
~ Dr. Gilles Lamarche  D.C.

Speaking of Inspiration ~ you have an opportunity to also rub shoulders with some significant Chiropractors with Dr. Norm and Heather, Wednesday October 19th, when we take a road-trip to Vancouver to hear Dr. Arno Burnier speak.  His message is pure Chiropractic, straight from the heart and with such passion, certainly not to be missed. 

Call to reserve your ticket or for more details - 250 740 0333. 
Meet us at the Studio to Car pool 2:15 pm Wed, 19th

Click on the below blue link to hear one of the many Dr. Arno  videos on  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Melanie & The Lifehouse gang

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