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Friday, July 23, 2010

"Chance" Occurrences

These past two weeks Heather’s parents have been visiting us from Winnipeg. The trip coincided with a wedding for them in Victoria on the weekend. Sunday also happened to be another special day for Heather and I, as one of our favorite authors and speakers, Mike Dooley was also in Victoria doing a talk. So we saddled up the motorcycle early Sunday morning and took off for Victoria, with plans to meet up with her parents after the presentation, for dinner. After stopping for gas and winding in and out of towns, we finally arrived in Victoria. Getting to the speaking venue was also a journey; navigating with a map becomes much more interesting on a motorcycle. Everything went well, we made all of our turns and were on the final street before the exit to the hotel. Then I heard Heather speak into my ear, “Oh there’s the exit ramp”, which I missed by just a fraction of a second, so I calmly pulled over and made the next legal u-turn. As the bike circled around, again I heard Heather, this time it was more like a shout, “Hey, Dad, Hi Dad!”, as she was waving like mad. Just three feet to the side of us were her parents, who were out for a morning walk. In a universe with some 100 billion galaxies, in a galaxy with some 100 billion solar systems, in a solar system with 9 planets, on a planet with some 7 billion people, two people (Heathers parents) travelled all the way from Winnipeg to attend a wedding, on the same day that our favorite speaker was in from the States, and were going out for a walk in perfect timing for us to “miss” our turn off, only to be three feet away from where we had turned around. We couldn’t have planned it any better if we tried.

Some other amazing “chance occurrences” from the words of Mike Dooley:

On our lonely planet, there are some 100 million species, of which we are just one.

There are micro organisms that thrive in hot lava pits.

There are whales in the Atlantic ocean off of Canada that communicate with one another by song to whales 2,000 miles away in the Caribbean.

The arctic tern take off every year at the onset of winter from Siberia to fly 8,000 miles away to Australia much of their flying done while they sleep.

There are caterpillars that fall asleep only to wake up as a butterflies.

Makes me think, maybe there is something to this thing called life? 

How about you?

Living in awe of the mystery, 
Dr. Norm and his team

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  1. "... caterpillars that fall alseep only to wake up as butterflies" - wow!

    I just had shivers. That reminds me of the transformation process that is unfolding for me at the Lifehouse.

    Absolutely lovely!