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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can You Be Healthy If You Have Symptoms? ~ The Beacon for March 22, 2011

Imagine if every time you called to speak with your best friend that friend assumed that what you were only speaking bad news.  So your friend encouraged you to quite your complaining.  This seemed weird to you because sometimes the news you had to tell them was bad, like the time you had a death in the family and you really needed their support.  Other times you had some really exciting news to tell, like when you got the job of your dreams, you were so excited you wanted to share the news right away.  Yet when you called to talk about your new job, your friend took that the news was bad and told you to stop complaining.   Most often the times when you called to talk with your friend it was neither good nor bad.  It was just the regular news of the day and your intention in calling was to connect with your friend.  Yet even on these days when the news was just the regular daily affairs your friend still heard the news as bad news and asked you to stop complaining.  After a while you questioned your friend’s communication skills because you realized that no matter what or how you spoke your friend was going to hear it in the same way and ask you to stop your complaining.  “I wonder if he/she is even listening to me?” you ask.  How much longer would you continue to try and communicate with this person?  How much longer would you continue being best friends with this person?   
Not many of us have best friend who behave like this.  However we all have a relationship with our bodies and many of us do communicate with our bodies this way.  When your body talks to you - do you assume it is bad?  Does your body sometimes speak to you about good news?  If so, how do you know it is good news?  Does your body sometimes say things just for the sake of saying things?  Many people when they hear from their bodies ask their bodies to be quiet by numbing or distorting the communication with pain killers, cough suppressants, antihistamines and other drugs.  If this way of relating is consistent, what do you think the quality of relationship between them and their bodies is like?  How long do you think it will take before their bodies will simply sever the lines of communication?

This week I would love to hear from all of you some examples of healthy symptoms.  I think it will be a great learning process for all of us to learn from each other.  Please add your comments either on our Facebook FanPage or on the blog.  For all who play along there will be prize for you at the front desk as a thank you for playing along!

A heads up - Heather and I are off for a week of Advanced Chiropractic Training with my dear friend Dr. Peter Amlinger and friends.  We will be away next week nourishing our bodies and minds so we can serve you even better into the future.   Make sure you get in for a last minute alignment before the week’s end.

Have a beautiful next couple of weeks.
Dr. Norm

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  1. Healthy Sx: My back feels good, supple, flexible, aligned, and naturally strong (versus holding a kind of tonic tension). My stomache tells me how nice it feels to eat well and not hold stress. My hands tell me that hands are about healing (not holding stress); they feel great, kind of like 100V running through them, ready to work with me today. And my chest tells me, "hey, we don't have to hide and be all slouchy, it feels great to stand out be part of the world."