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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Setting your Intention for 2011 ~ The Beacon for Jan. 6, 2011

The New Year is well upon us.  Are you ready?  Are you ready to have 2011 be your best year yet?  Well the potential for it certainly is here.  Never before has there been this much opportunity and possibility.  Never before has so much pressure for change and growth supported us.  Now not only is your own desire to be the best you - you can be calling you forward, you are also getting a tremendous nudge from your universe around you.  Yes it is time that we all go deep, connect with who we really are and then make the appropriate and timely changes that are necessary and give our gifts with total freedom and joy.

One of the things that I love doing each New Year is to pick a word for myself.  This word summarizes the upcoming chapter, tone or intention for my life that I see embodying throughout the year.  Last year my word was “blossom”.  It certainly was a year of blossoming for me.  Blossoming into a new home practice and blossoming in to greater community service.

This year my word is “activation”.  With so many visions and plans that are so close the idea of activating these into reality sounds both daring and timely. 

How about you?  If you were to summarize your year ahead into one word what would it be?  Look deep within, touch, feel and listen the word is there.  (If you haven’t already done so please take a few minutes and do so now.)  Now that you have your word, how can you ensure your constant remembering of it?  How can you place it in your environment to reinforce this directive?  How can you enlist those around you to keep you on track?

To support you on other changes that you would like to make we are hosting an amazing workshop
Sat Jan 22nd - 10 am - 1 pm 
At the workshop you will:
Uncover and learn how to consistently implement a powerful tool developed by Dr. Donald Epstein to assist in making change easy in your life. 
You will also orientate yourself to making healthy lifestyle changes inspired by love and possibility (instead of the common fear and guilt).
Discover a missing link often over looked that is essential for you to be at your best. 
And much, much more.

Join us for Creating Outrageous Vitality Saturday Jan 22nd from 10 -1 at The Lifehouse 1710 Jingle Pot Rd. AND for those who don’t have it already, all in attendance will receive the new version of my book “Creating Outrageous Vitality”.  Your investment is by donation.

Please register at The Lifehouse or by calling 250 740 0333.  Space limited to 25.

Between now and then I will leave you with a couple of great New Years questions that my friend Ev gifted me.  Enjoy!

1) Looking back one year form today, it is important to me that I have grown as a person by _____________________

So that_____________________

2) Looking back one year from today, it is important to me to have contributed to others by_____________________

3) Looking back one year from today, it is important to me to have overcome my challenge of_____________________
And one of my own….

4) How am I going to express more Outrageous Vitality in 2011?

Have you a great one!
Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse

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  1. Great advice, keep your sheet and review it every 3 months to keep you on track.Jane moxam