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Friday, January 28, 2011

Proper Communication Is Key ~ The Beacon for January 28, 2011

This past week I was part of a communication breakdown that reminded me of the importance of proper communication.  I hope you enjoy reading about the follies of me and my family :)

My parents were in town helping my brother move from Vancouver to Campbell River and were going to drop the U-Haul Truck off in Nanaimo before flying out from Comox.  Heather and I offered to drive them from Nanaimo to Comox to save some stress for my brother.   I gave them a call on Tuesday night to begin the plans.  Initially we located a local U-Haul drop spot close to our house and set a time 4:00 pm to meet at the Depot.  Dad did not want directions as my brother had a new IPhone he wanted to show it off and use the map application.   After getting off the phone I realized that it would be much simpler to have them come to our home first and then go from there with Heather rather than having them navigate a foreign city.  So I called them back to rearrange the plan.  My sister in law answered who announced that the cell phone's battery was about die so I had to make it quick.  The new plans were communicated to her to relay to mom and dad.

The next day my parents left in plenty of time and made their way to Nanaimo, so early in fact they thought they would "surprise" us and first drop the U-Haul off and catch a cab home.  Upon entering the city they saw the first Jingle Pot Rd Exit and took it (which as you know took them off the path in the wrong direction from my house).  My parents were left to navigate a large U-Haul through a foreign city with no map.  Confused, frustrated and late they finally arrived to our home around 3:45.  Panicked with the time as they now only had 15 minutes to get the U-Haul to the depot (a piece that my father failed to mention was that the truck needed to be returned by 4 or they would be charged another 24 hours) they immediately left for the depot center and planned to take a cab back which they failed to communicate to anyone.  10 minutes later Heather arrived home (5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time) only to realize that they had left already.  She too became panicked with visions of her fiancés parents waiting for her on the side of the road, so she took off immediately.  When she got to the depot it was locked and closed as the attendant had stepped out for a bit.  Mom and dad were gone and had left no message.

My parents returned to our home confused as Heather "still" was not home.  Finally at 4:30 Heather too arrived home.  The four of us left for Comox for my parent’s flight.  It was quite interesting finally communicating, integrating and digesting everyone’s experiences, emotions and frustrations on the drive up.  Wow! This story really shows how important proper communication is.

Now let’s bring this back to health.  How important is communication?  Could you imagine how difficult it would be to organize the function of 70 trillion cells, all of the various systems of organs and glands all into one cohesive unit?  The master communication system of your body is your nerve system.  It sends messages up and down your spine with speeds up to 120 meters per second.  Some 3 trillion messages are sent every second of which you are only aware of 2,000.  The majority of these messages control the vital function of your body and have nothing to do with pain.  Just like our story of my families miscommunication this happens in your body all of the time.  In fact it is known that if there is as little pressure comparable to the weight of a dime on the spinal nerve roots (which are caused by misalignments in the spine) function can be interfered with by as much as 60%.  Wow!  this could be the difference of a message saying to the stomach "secrete acid" to a message that sounds like this "SECRETE ACID" or one that sounds like this

"S@CR&T$ AC*D" 
or even
                                                          (a message that is complete silent all together)
Could you imagine the chaos this would produce in your stomach?  And we think it is the stomachs fault and announce to the world “I have a bad stomach”.  Little do we know.

In your life and in your body proper communication is key.  Make sure your communication lines are clear get your spine adjusted regularly.

Have a great weekend.
Dr. Norm

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