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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Why the Spine?" ~ The Beacon for Feb. 9, 2012

First off I would like to thank all of you who have participated in the Gift of Health referral program, both those who referred people in and those who were referred in.  Together we are making a difference, together we are the difference.  Thanks for all your help - I couldn’t do it without you.

Second, thanks to all those who participated and attended last Saturday's celebration at Yoga Weyr.  Heather & I greatly appreciate your time, kind words and vibrant energy.  Thank you for your presence in our lives.

This week I ask….Why is the Spine the focus and attention in this work?  Thought you might be wondering, so here, with the help of Dr. Donald Epstein are the first 3 of the 6 key reasons for the spine’s importance.  Enjoy….

1   Structure
Many chiropractors say that structure determines function.  To a degree, I believe this is true.  Dr. Donald Epstein says this another way.  “The shape, position and tone of your spine and nerve system, is directly related to the shape, position and tone of your life.”  You know the importance of structure.  Think of the importance of the structure of your car. If the car’s tires are slightly misaligned by as little as a few millimeters, consider how much this can reduce the mileage on the tires and increase the gas consumption. Think of the importance of the structure of the foundation of a house.  If the foundation is off by just a few inches it can be potentially devastating to the integrity of the home.  This is very similar to your spine.  Your spine is the foundation and the framework of your body.  If you are out of alignment, even as little as a few millimeters, it can cause tremendous strain on your muscles, joints and ligaments, often causing early degeneration, and things such as osteoarthritis.

2   It’s the Lifeline
The spine does something else, perhaps even more important than holding you upright.  It protects the delicate, soft, core essence that is your spinal cord.

Your spinal cord really is your lifeline.  It’s what connects the brain to the body and the body to the brain - creating both the mind-body and the body-mind connection.  You know the importance of this lifeline in examples like spinal cord accidents and paralysis; when the spinal cord is compromised at the base of the neck it can cause organ failure throughout the rest of the body and be, potentially, life threatening.  You also experience this when your leg falls asleep and you lose muscle control.  It’s not that your muscle has fallen asleep it’s your nerve that tells the muscle to contract that has been compromised. Dorland’s Medical dictionary defines the nerve system as the master control system of the body.  The nerve system acts like a computer’s CPU (central processing unit).  It runs both the hardware and software and integrates the two.  It is estimated that the average human body has about 10 trillion nerve cells. If they were placed end to end, they would stretch around the earth about 47 times!

3   Main Energy Meridian
If you look at any energy diagrams of the body the spine is always featured as being the main energy channel or meridian of the body.  The majority of our chakras are in alignment with the spine.  Scientifically, we know that the nerve system sends what’s known as an “action potential” which is a tiny impulse of energy which travels up to 200 meters per second, up and down your spine and throughout your body.  It is estimated that there are 3 trillion neurological events a second (of which you are only aware of 2,000) this is a lot of energy!   Think of your spine like a garden hose, and the water than flows through the hose is the life-force energy that flows through your spine.  Now think of what happens if you make a kink in the hose and how the water starts to backlog, increasing the pressure build up and decreases the outflow.  Another example, what happens to the flow of the river when there is a beaver dam disrupting its natural flow?  This stagnation of water creates a wonderful breeding ground for bugs and insects to multiple.  The same is true in your body.

Stay tuned next week when we explore, the direct relationship between your spine and emotions, perceptions, and flexibility and adaptability of you and your spine.

Taking care of you and your lifeline,

Dr. Norm and his team

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