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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pain - It Is Your Choice ~ The Beacon for Feb. 23, 2012

Many of us have heard the statement that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.  How true that is!  In life we all experience pain and for the most part this is unavoidable.   How we deal with that pain; whether we wallow in it, bless it or learn from it and move on, is truly up to us.

I am awakening to another reality about pain as well.  I have noticed on days where I challenge myself diligently in my workouts, or I am extra disciplined with my commitments when it would be easy for me to flake out, I notice that I am less likely to experience additional challenge and pain from the universe around me.  Other days when I do wimp out and take the easy road and talk myself out of my workout or commitment so often I am met with challenge and pain from the world around me.  Interesting!  So pain can either be internally generated through discipline and growth as my way of rising above my old limitations, internal negative self talk and procrastinations, or it can be externally created by challenge and conflict as the universe’s way of saying,” Hey you missed your workout today, step up young man, you can do better than this!”

Mike “Pinball” Clemons said it best, “In life you can either experience the pain of discipline, or the pain of disappointment.  It is your choice.” 

Don’t kid yourself.  Instead of trying to avoid pain, as it is a part of life, and the more you can rise to meet it and grow through it the more the universe is going to align with you and support you on your journey as the universe loves people who are playing big.

Be the best you you can be.
Dr. Norm and the Lifehouse


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  1. Disipline and dedication have been 2 big words I've been tossing up a lot lately. They're good... important words even. I really understand this blog fully when you discuss "disipline" and "workouts"... both in the same sentence. Now that I have a great new full time job and boyfriend I no doubt need those 2 words also to be one of my main priorities... I don't know about you, but I go a little insane without them... aha