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Friday, March 2, 2012

Building Your Field of Dreams ~ The Beacon for March 2, 2012

I am currently reading a great book by Mary Manin Morrissey called Building Your Field of Dreams.  It has reintroduced me to a concept that I haven’t studied for quite some time; a concept that I used to launch my very first coaching program for Chiropractors nearly 10 years ago now.  The name of the program was “Living Creation”.  We are all creators.  We are all creations.  Creators creating at the same time.  One of the central themes that I coach with was the idea of co-creation.   Co-creation recognizes that we live with a divine intelligent matrix that is all around us and when we align oursleves with the forces of this intelligence our creations grow exponentially. 

I have found this book incredibly helpful in clarifing my dreams to see if they are in fact aligned with this divine intelligence.   Here are a series of questions you can work with as a litmess test on your dreams. 
Dr. Norm

“Vision over Visibility”  Bono.

What is your purpose?

Your vision is an extension of you purpose, it is your purpose actualized.
What is your vision?

If you knew you could do anything and could not fail what would you do?

Your roar of awakening is only a beginning, as you free yourself from the past; you are confronted with another limitation: your lack of faith in future possibilities.  It’s not that you cannot create many wonderful things by working hard and using your imagination.  You can.  But suppose you were not working alone. 

Co-creation determines how you view the world.  If you see the universe as unfriendly, if you see yourself as alone, the universe becomes more daunting and you may cloud your vision with suspicion and doubt.  If you believe that a divine intelligence operates through your life, you cannot help but embrace the world as friendly and your vision is supported with faith and trust. 
When you recognize yourself as co-creator, you have access to unlimited power and an unlimited future.  You can ask for help at any time. 
Suppose that the creative force of the universe was working through you.  What then might you create?

Test Your Dream with 5 Essential Questions:
1)      The root of the word enthusiasm is entheos, which literally means “God within.”
Does this dream enliven me?

2)      Pursuing your dream will cause you to make many difficult decisions: inevitably you will come across some shortcut to your dream that cuts deeply into your values.  You will be forced to choose one over the other. In the spiritual venture of dream building, it is critical that at each juncture, you remain true to yourself.  You cannot bring genuine joy into the lives of others when you deny your authentic self.
Does this dream align with my core values?

3)      If you think you alone can accomplish the dream, then your dream is not big enough.
The dream must be bigger than you know yourself to be, so that you learn to allow source to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.
We don’t need to know exactly how our dream will be accomplished, even if it is probable.  But we can believe that with help from a higher source it is possible.  Our job is not to control every last detail.
Do I need help from a higher source to make this dream come true?

4)      Will this dream require me to grow into more of my true self?

5)      Will this dream ultimately bless others?

Commit to your dream.  Commitment is where we begin the work of putting faith into action.
If you participate in life only to the degree it suits you, you will inevitably come up short.
Some people may shrug off responsibility and say that whatever happens is God’s will, but that’s the easy way out.  Commitment builds a path to your dream.  Commitment builds upon itself, bringing you little successes along the way.  Success breeds success.
Buy a dream journal and commit to write the deepest longings of your heart.
Commit to your dream mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Thanks to Mary Manin Morrissey for your wise teachings.

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Dr. Norm and his fabulous team.

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