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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thank You ~ The Beacon for July 19, 2012

Many times a day I hear the words “Thank you” offered to our team and me.  So often people find it in their hearts to thank us for the work that we do, for the ideas we share or the space and intention that we hold.  And we welcome your thanks.  It is nice to know that we are appreciated.

You are appreciated as well!  This feeling of gratitude is mutual.  It is a circle of thanks.   Heather, Danielle, our team and myself feel so blessed to be able to do the “work” that we do with the wonderful group of people that we work for.   Most days I leave “work” feeling more joy filled, more energized, and more optimistic than I did when I began the day.  Much of this is a result of the people we “work” for.   I don’t often take enough time to tell you all how much I appreciate being in your life. Thank you!  Thank you for adding so much to the Lifehouse and our lives.

To demonstrate our thank you we want to celebrate you and our community with a special day next Wednesday, July 25th, a day that we are calling “Christmas in July ~ a day to Receive, Give Back and Pay It Forward”.

We will be serving with extended adjusting hours, from 9:00 AM onwards, complimentary adjustments, snacks, and entertainment throughout the day. There will be also a prize draw with donations from our various sponsors. (see list of generous sponsors below). Let us spoil you, let us fill your life force tank and let us thank you for being part of our community.

Give Back:
In exchange for our generosity we ask of yours as well. Throughout the day we will be collecting non-perishable food items and money donations on behalf of the Salvation Army. I am not sure if you are aware of this or not, but summer is when the food banks are actually most in need of support. Let’s fill the bellies of those in need.  (* Please note - You’re welcome to drop off food items this week to fill up our special tree in the reception area)

Pay It Forward:
Between July 23rd and Aug 1st for all new clients to our office we will offer a complimentary initial visit (value of $100) in exchange for a food donation. What a great opportunity for you to “Pay It Forward” by helping your family, friends and co-workers heal and optimize their health. Gift certificates are available at the front desk and we also have some attached to this email. Remember the benefits of chiropractic are wholistic, virtually everyone with a spine can benefit!

And if you have not been in to the office for a while, don’t be shy we would love to see you too. Come say hi and receive a much-needed adjustment on us!

May you welcome the flow of giving and receiving, as one is as important as the other as we allow the energy of life to flow through us with ease.  Denying ones offer of thanks creates resistance to this flow.  So open up and…..”Receive, Give Back and Pay It Forward!”

Have a great weekend and I look forward to celebrating you and our community next week!

Many thanks
The Lifehouse

Prizes generously donated from:

-  Bella Donna Esthetics by Lisa
- The Green Store – Susanna Michaelis & Chad Henderson
- Soul to Sole Spa – Cali Massey
- Arbour Wellness – Chantal David
- Danielle Dickson
- Charlie Brown's Foods Ltd.
- Toni Lepore
- PowerHouse Naturals
- Dr. Norm Detillieux

Upcoming Events:  (** Please note rescheduled dates from this week)
Wed - July 25th -
Christmas in July
Thurs - Aug 2nd -
Health Essentials, 7-8:30, Free
Thurs - Aug 9th -
S.R.I. - Level 1 - 7-10 pm, $30

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