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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Be Healthy ~ The Beacon for July 5, 2012

Most people have the order of creation backwards.  They focus way too much energy on what they want to have.  They figure that once they have optimal health, the new car, the new job then they will be able to do what they really want to do, like have energy for exercising, enjoy life more, take some time off of work, which will allow them to be the type of person that they truly want to be.  This is a have-do-be focus.  This puts the end result as the starting point or focus rather than what it truly is.   This is not the way things work in life. 

A more accurate order of creation is the be-do-have focus.   Before you can “do” you must first “be”.  Being is the starting point, the source, from which all comes from.  Focus on your being first, and then your doing will naturally follow suit.  You will find it much easier to do the things that you know you must do in order to achieve what it is that you want to have.  The “have’s” are the ‘things’, the results of your being and doing.  The real benefit of having and working toward your goals is who you become along the journey anyways. 
Now I would like to bring this home to your health.  Let’s start with the BEING.  What does it mean for you to be healthy?  How do you define health?  Are you merely trying to avoid pain and experience comfort or do you see your health as a vehicle for you to live your dream life?   How will you know when you are truly healthy?   A very important part of being healthy is defining it in your own way.

Next let’s look at DOING.  Do you know where you are starting from?  In order to know the most effective path to arrive at where you want to go you need to understand where you are starting from.  It helps to have a map to get to Victoria… but if you don’t know that you’re currently in Nanaimo – the map isn’t really going to help to it’s full potential.  Now that you’ve determined your starting point, how many of you have goals in regards to your health?  How many of you have daily, weekly and monthly health commitments?  Do you evaluate and have a regular check-in to see if you are on track? Creating an action plan with a set of goals is the essential next step in creating your health.
Lastly let’s look at HAVING.  What are you most looking forward to in regards to your health, what will your health enable you to have?  How will better health improve your relationships?  Your work?  Your social life and your hobbies?  

Align yourself with a Be-Do-Have focus in all aspects of your life especially your life and watch your life and you become what you have always known to be possible. 

Yours in health
Dr. Norm

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Angela BirtwistleJuly 8, 2012 at 9:30 AM

    This Blog, Norm, gets me pumped! I have already, slowely, started to build up my regime like this and, I tell ya', it really does work! And often times it makes me more excited to do more. Like when you have a messy house, and decide to clean it, and do some extra decorating, with a little bit of beautiful happy music to dance too along the way, and wazam!... a nice beautifully much tidier, newely decoratied, cozy, warm, living environment! WAA HAA!