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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas comes early to Salvation Army - Nanaimo Bulletin

Christmas comes early to Salvation Army

Christmas is coming early to the Salvation Army thanks to the efforts of the Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio.
During the months leading up to, and through December, donations for organizations helping the hungry are needed and it is usually the time when people give the most.

But come July and its warm weather, people tend to forget that local food banks and charities are still in need of donations.

In an effort to fill the food shelves at the Salvation Army,  Lifehouse Chiropractic Studio has set July 25 as Christmas in July, adjusting clients by donation of food items.

“This is a great way for us to acknowledge the patronage of our existing clients,” said Norm Detillieux of Lifehouse. “It is also a great chance for us to give back to the community that is our home and that has given us so much.  We anticipate collecting an outstanding amount of food for the Salvation Army.”  Rob Anderson, Salvation Army community ministries director, said it’s the overwhelming support from individuals and businesses like Lifehouse Chiropractic that allows the Salvation Army to provide the services it does.

Along with the complimentary adjustment for the food donation, Lifehouse offers people not under chiropractic care to come in and explore what chiropractic could do for them by offering an initial consultation and examination for a food donation.
To learn more about Christmas in July, please call 250-740-0333.

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