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Thursday, August 2, 2012

K.I.S.S. of Health ~ The Beacon for August 2, 2012

You have all heard the acronym ‘Keep It Simple Silly’. In our complicated world where things tend to get more sophisticated by the day never has this age old slogan been more true, especially when it comes to our health. We have been convinced that health is complicated, that it needs high-tech machines, and educated doctors to achieve. This simply is not the case.

When I sit back and ask myself, "What is the simple truth about health that I want everyone to know so they can be healthy too?" The answer - my Top Five Universal Truths, popped into awareness. This is a great reminder to return to time and time again (this is why we have included an easy to print version of this file; I encourage you to print one right now and place it beside your computer, on your fridge or in your workspace). Although truth may be simple, the application and practice of it, well that is a process, a life study. I have been working with and implementing these truths into my life now for over 13 years and my understanding and application of these truths is always evolving. I hope it does for you too. Enjoy! Dr. Norm

The Five Most Important Universal Truths Taught By Dr. Norm
  1. There is an intelligence in all things that is perfect in its expression all of the time. This intelligence made you, heals you, and is you; and is communicated primarily along your nervous system.
  2. Life is a process. You are in a constant state of change. As co-creator of your life you get to choose how your life will unfold and how you respond to your life experiences. Every thought, word and action will move you in the direction of health, wellness and connection; or towards illness, dis-ease and separation.
  3. Everything is energy and has its own vibration or frequency to it, which determines its characteristics; both quantity and quality. Your spinal cord is the main conduit for life force energy to flow through you, therefore the shape, position and tone of your spinal cord will determine the shape, position and tone of you and your life.
  4. Four things are necessary for maximum health and wellbeing "being the best YOU” you can be.
a) Clarity - having a clear intention and direction in life; aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with what you want to be, do, and have.

b) Connection - a clear neurological connection so you can ideally express yourself.

c) Energetic Alignment - an open, flexible, and aligned spine allowing your life force to flow in greater quantity and quality.

d) Wellness - a healthy lifestyle that supports you with everything you need to be your best.

5.   There is both a mind-body connection and also a body-mind connection. Becoming more connected and consciously aware of your body will move you towards wholeness.

Starting Aug 20th -  New Hours to Better Serve You
Beginning Aug 20th we will be introducing new hours to better serve you.  With Early morning adjusting sets starting at 7:40 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  And late night adjusting till 5:40 on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We will also be introducing prime time adjusting during the most requested adjusting times, and allocate specific times to progress visits and new people.  These changes will not only make our services more available to you but will also increase our quality of care by allowing us to focus entirely on adjusting during the prime time adjusting slots.  We appreciate your flexibility in acclimating to these new changes.


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