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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life is Purposeful ~ The Beacon for Aug. 9, 2012

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
This is a great lesson from a teacher of mine, Dr. PJ Amlinger.  A good lesson for me and I sense a good lesson for you.  Remember last week’s message inside of KISS, There is a universal intelligence inside of all things.  This means that all things are perfect and in perfect order, it is up to us to uncover and see the perfection in it and gain the lesson or learning from it.  Dr. Peter says more, enjoy….

Dr. PJ Amlinger, DC                                                                                       July 22, 2012


I believe, with certainty, that Life IS purposeful. 
If you choose to agree you are then accepting that:

EVERYTHING that shows up in your life is meaningful to you and SERVES you.  Not just the big experiences, the second by second flow of the river of life is always pertinent.  It is showing up at the perfect time and is critical for your growth and evolution.

Not the just the warm fuzzy stuff, the painful stuff often teaches more and more deeply.
Whether it looks beautiful, or seems ugly,  the Creator put it in front of you for a reason.
Our Native Elders teach that we must learn to see the beauty in ALL creation, even when it isn’t pretty.

If you choose to embrace it and all the emotion and energy it brings the experience will open itself up to you.

 If you surrender to its presence and the perfection that is, instead of trying to run from it, hide from it, deny it or cover it up in which ever way you may try, you make yourself available to the lessons and wisdom the universe has blessed you with by putting this experience in front of you.

If you don’t accept it and honor it your life will stand still and its cousin will visit you in the future.
If you choose not to embrace it, it will create a subluxation within you.

Remember, Life is ALWAYS, alright in ALL WAYS.
Live today with awareness and by asking what the teaching is.


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