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Monday, June 11, 2012

"Practice your practice - the art of setting intention" ~ The Beacon for June 11, 2012

This past month has been an incredible journey for myself and many other's during our Second Annual Innate Intensive.   The I.I. was an opportunity for people to take part daily in meditation, journaling and movement.  Add chiropractic adjustments along the way and weekly informative sessions with moral support and you've got a spectacular chance to tune in to Innate and hear the guidance and wisdom from within!

Thank you to all our "Innate-ers" for your enthusiasm, energy and your willingness to take on the challenge of 30 days to slow down, be still and listen.

It takes real commitment to set an intention and follow through.  I'm so proud of our group for their determination, open-ness and shifts they are already making because of the time they dedicated to themselves.  I am truly inspired by their beaming faces and the insights/awareness they made.  Holding the intention and commitment to self is really powerful, especially in a group dynamic.

Some of our Star-powered shares:
- When I give to myself I have more to share.  I am ready to shine my light.
- Make my dreams reality!!  I'm doing it!
- "Be" gentle with myself
- Acceptance
- When I get my tail out from between my legs I stand taller in every way.
- Beee yourself
- i crave meditation
- I am at PEACE!
- I have learned to live in the present.
- When I nurture myself my life flows with ease and grace.
- When I practice my practice everything falls into place.  When I don't practice - my day is full of struggle.
- OMG!  It's a retreat centre - finding my inner passion - healing hearts from the inside out! Don't limit yourself to the 'practical/normal' side of your work.  Focus on the spiritual and healing hearts.

Some of our participants felt the commitment of time for themselves each day gave them more direction in their life and allowed them to integrate rituals (meditation, journaling and exercise) which promoted self-awareness and growth.  Many mentioned their plans to continue these rituals as they recognized the positive and uplifting effect it had on how they dealt with life and how they loved themselves.  One shared, "I felt greater inner peace inside with myself and the world around me.  And I have created sacred space in my yard to go to daily."  Others noticed beautiful, empowering and inspiring changes both in themselves and their partner.

The Intensive came at the perfect time for a number of clients to sort through some personal patterns and for others to build the momentum from the I.I. to springboard forward into the next chapter.
Here's to turning the page...

What would shift in your own life if you took the time to listen to the wisdom within?  What if you committed to yourself for the next two weeks to participate in mediation, journaling and exercise and really set the intention just to see what is possible for you.  Then explore. 

Innately in Health,
Heather & The Lifehouse team

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