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Friday, June 22, 2012

Chiropractic And Kids ~ The Beacon for June 22, 2012

This week I was invited to speak to a group of 50 of my colleagues about Chiropractic and Kids.  Which gave me a great opportunity to reflect on why I am so passionate about adjusting children, as I was once a kid too and it is easy to see just how different my life would have been had I been under regular chiropractic care growing up.  

Although most of the pictures of me as a child are with me smiling, my parents tell another story.  Baby Norm was born into this world unhappy.  In fact I cried most of the first 5 months of my life.  I was born a colicky baby.   I had a lot of emotional energy to digest and integrate as the first part of my life was overwhelming.  While I was inside my mom’s womb, my grandfather (her father) was dying, in Edmonton.  We were in Prince Albert, which left my mom with a difficult choice to make: to travel with me at full term and separate herself from the farm during our busy summer, or miss saying good bye to her dad in person.  She chose to stay on the farm.  Lots of grieving, guilt, anger, and disappointment and I got straight lined it all.  And my first subluxation pattern developed.

About a year later my dad had a serious back injury which left him bed ridden and scheduled for surgery.  Luckily someone suggested that he see a chiropractor and the rest is history.  The chiropractor helped him heal and regain his strong back. 

As my dad was healing, the effects of my subluxations were compiling.  Although I outgrew my colic, the subluxations in my low back still existed which meant that the connection between my brain and my body was interfered with.  This left my legs weak and uncoordinated as the same nerves that innervated my tummy also innervated the muscles in my legs.  I began crawling the best I could by pulling myself around on my hands with my legs following limply behind me.  As many of you know, crawling is an important developmental period for the neurological development of all children. 
Unfortunately my dad’s chiropractor never suggested that he check the whole family for subluxations.  I often wonder how different my life would be had the
chiropractor stepped forward.  For the next twenty years my healthy continued to spiral having digestive problems, skin rashes, low moods and emotions and insecurity (especially in sports).   Years later I began rebuilding my health which has been a cumulative process as the effects of subluxation layer in complexity as life goes on much like the layers of a tree build concentrically as the tree matures. 

Of course there is a blessing in my story as it has deeply engrained within me the importance of chiropractic for all people especially children.  If we want to support our children, allowing them the opportunity of growing up in a healthy body, developing to their full potential, a clear spine and nervous system is paramount.  I will say what should have been said to my father years ago, “I encourage you to have your whole family checked for subluxations to ensure their optimal health.”  

Yours in service
Dr. Norm

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