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Thursday, May 24, 2012

This is Your Child’s Brain On Chiropractic – adapted from Dr. Steve Hoffman ~ The Beacon for May 24, 2012

The child’s brain is like a raw piece of clay, just waiting to be molded into something wonderful.  There are trillions of neurons just waiting to learn.  With infinite possibilities, the child’s brain begins to develop as they experience life.  The experiences and impressions on that child’s nervous system will determine if they become brilliant or slow, enthusiastic or dull.  Harry Chugani of Wayne State University states these experiences “can completely change the way a person turns out.”

More importantly there are periods of time in the child’s life when certain learning experiences are critical to the full development of the child.  Sharon Begley writes in her article, Your Child’s Brain, “once wired, there are limits to the brain’s ability to create itself.  Time limits, called “critical periods”, are like windows of opportunity that nature flings open, starting before birth, and then diminish one by one, with every additional candle on the child’s birthday cake.”  These specific “learning windows” in the brain must be nurtured and if the child receives good stimulus magical things can happen.  There are “learning windows” for math and logic (birth to 4 years) language skills (birth to 10 years), music (3 to 10 years) and emotions just to name a few.  These are periods of time in a child’s life that their brain is ripe for development.   

But what if there is interference to the nervous system during these critical times?  The child has no chance of developing to their fullest potential, even with the best stimulus and experiences.  We know from research that over 80% of children are born with subluxations and nerve interference from the birth process.  And all are subject to the daily impact of being an infant or toddler like frequent falls, environmental toxins, and stresses around the home.   What do you think the impact of subluxations would have on the child’s development?  Your child only has one opportunity in life; don’t wait until it is too late to have their nervous system checked for interference. 

It truly is better to grow healthier kids than repair damaged adults.

I invite you to have your child’s spine and nervous system checked sooner than later by calling The Lifehouse today at 250-740-0333.  Please forward this on to friends and co-workers and share the value and benefit of chiropractic in building a strong foundation for their children, from the inside out.

Here’s to a healthier and better world tomorrow one spine at a time.
Dr. Norm and his committed team

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