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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

F.A.Q. -- Innate Intensive

Comparing my schedule to the Innate Intensive schedule I won't be able to attend all the talks and workshop evenings, can I still register?
Yes, by all means you can register and participate.  Like anything in life - you get back what you put in.  Know that each evening will be valuable and unique within the process and in their own right.
We do encourage that you attend the Intro evening Wed. May 2nd and Celebrate with us Thurs. May 31st.

What does the tracking board represent?
The hallway wall has an Innate Intensive tracking board where each registered participant will place stickers representing their connection to Body-Mind-Spirit-Alignment.  There is a box for each of the 30 days and for each category.

The ideal is that each day you will focus:
      20 minutes for Exercise/Movement   (Body)
      20 minutes for Journal-ling                 (Mind)
      20 minutes for Meditation                   (Spirit)

      & Chirorpractic Adjustments (as per recommendations)           (Alignment)

Do I need to have an adjustment every day during the Innate Intensive?
No, not every day.  For you to get the most out of care at the Lifehouse it is crucial to follow Dr. Norm's recommendation for frequency of care.

What is required of me?
Register by calling 250-740-0333 (there are a couple of spaces left)
To play full out and make the most of this opportunity - both for yourself and those in the Lifehouse Community.
Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, pen, pillow or blanket (to sit on for the Meditation Evening)

Length of Events
Workshops will start at 7 pm and finish about 8/8:30 approximately 

Registration Fees
$40 for the month (Please note - this does not include adjustments)

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