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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Process ~ The Beacon for May 3, 2012

This week marks the start to our Innate Intensive with a kick off workshop this past Wednesday evening at the studio.   Thank you to all of you who have eagerly signed up for the intensive.  Many of you have expressed interest and for one reason or another are unable to attend the whole program.  My goal is that we can serve as many of you as possible so I thought I would give you a sneak peak to one of the powerful pieces that I shared with the group last night and encouraging people to use on a regular basis during the intensive and beyond.  The tool is simply titled “The Process” and was created by Robert Scheinfeld.  I love using “The Process” because it is easy to use and causes profound shifts as well.  I trust that you too can find use out of this powerful tool.  Enjoy.

 The truth, as I see it, is that we are all perfect and profoundly powerful beings who create our own reality.    We have through time convinced ourselves that we are otherwise.  It is less of a miracle that we are the magnificent beings and more of a miracle that we have convinced ourselves otherwise.  The first part of our lives we have spent gathering evidence to prove the illusion that we are weak, broken, and wrong.  The next part of our lives we begin remembering who we really are.  Any area in our life, thought in our mind, or pain in our body that creates discomfort is an opportunity to regain our rightful perception of ourselves and of life itself.  See the places of discomfort as opportunities to regain your wholeness.   Using “The Process” can radically help you illuminate these areas of illusion returning you to your full light.

Overview of the Process:
1)    Notice an area of yourself or your life that is causing you discomfort.

2)    Dive right smack into the middle of it – fully immerse yourself within the discomfort energy.  You may feel it as pain or vibration – be still and get right in the middle of it.

3)    Feel the discomfort energy fully.  Open up, breathe it in and feel it as fully as you possibly can.   No thinking, no logic, no intellect, no judgment, no labeling.  Just feel it, the intensity, the waves, and the raw power in it, whatever it feels like for you.

4)    Let it reach peak intensity; trust yourself that you will know when the peak intensity is.  And once it reaches the peak call it what it really is, tell the truth about it.  Affirm who you really are, how powerful you really are, that you created it, it’s not real, it is just a creation of your consciousness.  Come up with a phrase to describe the real you that resonates with you and supports you in feeling as powerful and infinite as you possibly can. Here are some possibilities:
“I am the Power and Presence of God”
“I am the Power of Infinite Intelligence”
“I am the Power of Pure Consciousness”                                                                                                                                           
Once you choose a phrase add your affirmation of The Truth after it and expand the phrase.  For example “I am the Power and Presence of God creating this.  It’s not real.  It’s completely made up.  It’s a creation of my Consciousness.”

5)    After telling the truth it is important to reclaim your power from it.  Declare “I reclaim my power from this NOW!”  “As I reclaim my power, I feel it coming back to me; I feel it surging back to me.”  And really feel the energy coming back to you.

6)    Open up more and more to who you really are.  Feel what it is like to actually be infinitely powerful, infinitely wise, and infinitely abundant.  To cultivate the feelings repeat the following (or your own variation)….
“I am the Power and Presence of God creating everything I experience, everything.”
“There’s no power out there, not in anyone, not in anything.”

7)    Express appreciation for how amazing your are to be to create this and convince yourself it was real, how amazing the creation was, and how beautifully it served you up until now.

As with anything it is only when you practice your practice that you will really reap the bountiful rewards that are waiting for you.  And for those up for the opportunity there are still a couple of spaces to join our 30 day Innate Intensive.

Until next time may you remember who you truly are, be grateful for the illusions and find joy in "The Process".

Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse Team

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