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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Simple But Uncomfortable Truth - by Dr. Peter Amlinger ~ The Beacon for July 26, 2011

This week’s beacon is brought to you from my dear friend Dr. Peter Amlinger.  This is a very important concept that I have often thought about myself.  I trust that it is perfect for our community as well. 

Yours in service
Dr. Norm

A Simple But Uncomfortable Truth
By Dr. Peter Amlinger

This passed weekend saw us in Atlanta at Dynamic Essentials.  One of the many gifted speakers, Dr. Marilyn Shore made the following observation.

When someone gets labelled with cancer, takes the typical medical treatment of chemotherapy, radiation and or surgery and survives it is a medical miracle.  If they happen to die, it is God’s will.  If they choose to not take the traditional medical approach, take personal responsibility for their health and use strategies to support their  inborn healing ability such as chiropractic, meditation, naturopathy, nutrition and other resources and they get well it is considered a fluke by the traditional medical community.  If they take this approach and pass away, they are considered to be an idiot.  Ponder these 4 scenarios for a moment.

Dr Shore knows these scenarios well, as she worked for two years in an experimental cancer treatment ward in a New York hospital.


In fact, you have an inner healer.  It is your innate intelligence.  It expresses over your Brain and spinal cord to each of the 70 trillion cells of your body.  Its purpose is to help you survive, heal, adapt, replicate, and reproduce.  It also guides your life.  It is IMPERATIVE THAT IT EXPRESSES WITHOUT INTERFERENCE.

Subluxation dims it down - subluxations dims down this power.  Living subluxated leads to a progressive deterioration of these above stated essential functions in you.

Only chiropractors are trained to detect and correct subluxations through the specific chiropractic adjustment.  When you are living clear of subluxations these vital functions are restored and your body know has the opportunity to revivify itself and build itself back to health, from the inside out.

Think about this.  This Power built you from one cell at conception to a wonder-filled, complex being with 70 trillion cells.  Every HOUR, one billion of your cells die.  They are replaced without you even knowing it.  This inner power never sleeps.  The quality of the cells you are building is totally dependent on the quality and quantity of the nerve flow they receive

Wouldn’t you rather trust the power that built you and rebuilds you at the rate of one billion cells per hour. 

Everyone needs lifetime chiropractic care so their innate can express at peak efficiency.    You can choose to live clear of subluxation or you can wait until your subluxation reeks enough havoc that you have a serious health crisis; you decide.

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