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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lessons from the Garden ~ The Beacon for June 28, 2011

Last week I was working in our garden tilling the soil and watering the plants when I came across a disappointing sight.   All around me were numerous thriving plants but there was this one that was shriveled and weak.  Why when in the same garden, with the same soil, with the same amount of water and sun where all the others plants thriving and this little one was dying?  I leaned forward to further understand what was happening and I noticed the source of its problem.  There was a tiny kink in its stem. Apparently when it was transplanted this kink must have happened.  How fascinating.  Even with all the right nutrients and proper growing conditions this tiny little kink was causing such significant blockages of life force the plant was failing to thrive. 
This story is a perfect analogy for life as humans as well.  So many people work so hard to be healthy, eating all the right foods, exercising, thinking positive thoughts and yet are still failing to thrive.   Many have tiny kinks in their spine that are creating blockages in their flow of life force in their bodies.   With this tiny kink they will never fully blossomed to be the grandest versions of themselves that they were intended to be. Just how many people in our community are dying to know the vital truth about the importance of a healthy spine and nerve system?
“I desired to know why one person was ailing and his associate, eating at the same table, working in the same shop, at the same bench was not.  Why?  What difference was there in these two persons that caused one to have various diseases, while his partner escaped?”  Dr. D.D. Palmer, D.C.
The other lesson I have gained from the garden is the wonder of planting seeds.   Have you ever looked at a tiny tomato seed, it bears absolutely no resemblance to the plant itself and all the fruit it bears?  I find it just so amazing how one little seed grows up to be such a wonder of nature.  There is so much potential that lives within those seeds wouldn’t you agree?   The same potential lies within each one of us.  We all have the potential to sprout to be the grandest versions of ourselves.  Unfortunately many people lay dormant, living their lives only as the small forms of themselves, just getting through their day.

Many people are just waiting for a gentle nudge or simple suggestion from those around them to expand their awareness of what else is available to them and the true possibility for their lives.  For the next two weeks we are offering you a chance to plant seeds of health in our community.  We will be gifting complimentary initial visits (a hundred dollar value) to all those in your life.  This is your way to pass on good health to those you care about (friends, family members, neighbours, co-workers, grocery cashier, bus driver, etc).  It’s also a chance to share your own benefits of care and celebrate the potential within.  And it is our way to save and transform more lives.   We have attached a gift certificate that you can offer to those you care about.  (Expiry date to book is July 31, 2011) 
So until next time may you plant seeds of health by encouraging others to grow to be the grandest version of themselves.
Growing our healthy community one seed at a time.

Dr. Norm

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  1. And on that note I just want to remind and inform anyone who is interested I'n joining me and my family and friends at my house on the farm I'n timberlands this weekend for a workout / potluck / barbecue / social gathering. Come have fun and move your body, and eat great food, and laugh! This is me planting seeds! Seeds of lovely people that will nourish my grass with energetic bundles of toes!!

    So come join, S'gonna be fun!!!!! Please email or call me as soon as possible if interested! Thanks!