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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What was your biggest gain or insight from the Innate Intensive?

Shared Intentions for the Innate Intensive
Innate Intensive tracking boards


Innate Intensive Insights (shared by our participants)  

* I am a Success Story, I always have been.

* I have the tools to do what I need to do.

* Everything is happening exactly as it should be.
I am worth it.

* My emotions are my internal caretakers, not enemies.

* I realized when I am alone with nature, time seems to stand still.

*  Love and forgive myself.

* Connecting with Innate brings inner peace & wisdom & beauty & appreciation.

* Making time to listen & expand my connection... Body-Mind-Spirit.  In gratitude.

* To sit with myself and be alone.  It's ok to take time out to nurture me.

* Open Martin buffet

* I have discovered what it is like to be with myself.  Really with myself.  All the time.  And in that time I love myself.  So there it is.  Love all the time.

* I discovered the pure joy of being.  Just being.

* I have found greater openness in many aspects: patience & failure, connection with others & forgiveness.

* My body will be my guide if I listen to it and trust the messages.

* That I need to be my own biggest fan and how important it is to be easy on myself and celebrate the little and big successes.

 * Laughter is one of the very best medicines.  My favorite.

Congratulations on all your dedication,
hard-work and commitment to yourself...
from the Lifehouse Team

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