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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Playing Big ~ The Beacon for August 30, 2011

Many people believe that when they get everything figured out or when things really align they will be without external challenges and oppositions.  This is far from the truth.  It is true that when we are heading in the wrong direction we will get numerous indicators from the outside to change our course.   When we are heading in the right direction it is common to get challenges from the outside as well.   Often when we are heading in the right direction and we are playing small we will get small challenges and when we are raise the stakes playing large we will get larger challenges.  The goal should not be to look for ease and comfort, which will often lead us to a path of little significance, but rather to see challenges as opportunities to grow from.
Think of Steve Jobs or Donald Trump, do you think that they have small or large problems?   Every time they hit a problem do you think that they see it as they are doing something wrong or do they see it as an opportunity to grow and learn from?   A sure fire way to grow your life is look to take on bigger challenges, if you don’t the universe will gift you with little ones that will fill up your time.   The benefits of taking on big problems are the little ones seem so much more insignificant. 

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds.”   Albert Einstein.

So if you are tired of your usual array of daily small problems and want to spice up your life pick a bigger opportunity to take on, there are many to choose from, many you could invest your life with.  Don’t be shy, go for it!  And if you get opposition from mediocre minds know that you are working towards greatness.

Playing Big,
Dr. Norm

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