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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Upon What Are You Dependent? ~ Dr Peter Amlinger DC

I was to sit down tonight to write my newest Beacon article.  I first opened my latest email newsletter from Dr. Peter Amlinger, a man I really look up to.  After reading this newsletter I exhaled, don’t think I can write anything better than that this week.  Great article Pete!  And hope this helps many of you out there who have had this very same questions. 

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Dr. Norm

Upon What Are You Dependent?

October 31, 2010                                                                                    Dr PJ Amlinger, DC

            Last week I was catching up with a patient and I inquired when we were going to be seeing her daughter.  This teenager has been plagued with some ongoing health issues which are affecting the quality of her life and despite countless trips to various physicians she remains undiagnosed and unhelped.  Mom said that she had reservations about bringing her in because she was concerned that she might become dependent on chiropractic adjustments.  I was very grateful that she brought this up and I want to dispel the myth about dependency on adjustments to keep you well.

First of all, let me point out that you (and everyone else) are dependent on oxygen.  You need oxygen to live, without it you die within minutes.  Is this dependency a bad thing?

You also depend on your dentist to help you keep your teeth healthy and a mechanic to keep your car running efficiently and safely.  Is that a bad thing?

Finally, think about someone who has hi blood pressure.  They are dependent on drugs  to try to keep their blood pressure in the normal range.  These drugs have many side effects which negatively impact the quality of their life.  The research shows that if these people who are dependent on drugs in an attempt to control their blood pressure, could get better results with NO SIDE EFFECTS, if they relied on a chiropractor to keep their necks free of subluxation.

The dictionary defines dependent as:  relying on or requiring a person or thing for support, supply, or what is needed.  Is that a bad thing?

You can depend on chiropractic to help you keep your nervous system free of subluxation induced nerve interference so you can express maximum healing power and your full potential.

Just like oxygen is vital to life, so too is nerve flow from the brain to the body.  Life flows from the brain to the body over the nerve system. 

Would you rather depend on an artificial chemical to cover up or control symptoms or the power that made you and continues to control and coordinate all aspects of healing and life within you?

Depend on chiropractic to keep your healing power flowing at 100 %

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