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Monday, November 22, 2010

"Change" - The Beacon for Monday, November 22, 2010

“My experience with change is - it is essential in the growth process.  Look at the trees they are changing all the time.  You don’t see them calling up to all their other tree friends and saying, “Oh my god, I can’t believe it!  Things changed today. I lost a leaf!  I can’t believe it.  I changed today.”  Nay, they just loose a bunch of leaves and grow them back again next year. ”  Dr. Norm Detillieux
Wow!  Am I ever learning about letting go and on change right now!  After four and a half years of service Alita is no longer with The Lifehouse.  Alita was a wonderful employee who helped in the creation of many projects and gave hundreds life changing hugs and well wishes.  I know she is off to bigger and better things.  All the best Alita!  I know we are all cheering her on.  She was an excellent employee and I was sad to see her go. 
With these changes it gave Heather and I an opportunity to rehire and expand our team.  Wow what an experience that was.  46 people dropped off resumes over the course of 2 hours on Saturday and Monday.  After much deliberation and careful listening we have invited Melanie to join our team.  Melanie will bring her enthusiasm and inspiring way of being, wisdom and warmth to our studio space.  It was pretty incredible as Heather and I picked our top three choices, the same as each other, out of the 46 people!  My experience is when both Heather and I are in alignment beautiful things happen. J
Warning: when you are in an intense change process expect to feel a rollercoaster of emotions from nervousness to relief, from anxiety to anger to joy, from fear to excitement.
Speaking of change, I invite all of you to recreate your relationship with The Lifehouse. Come in, meet Melanie and experience the new energy here.  Melanie is really looking forward to meeting all of you.
Have a great week enjoying your ever-changing being.
Dr. Norm

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