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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Letting Go

Letting Go
Dr. Norm Detillieux

The idea of letting go can for many people be one of the scariest and most difficult things to do. We cling to the old, the familiar. There is comfort in that familiarity even if we have out grown it, even if it is unhealthy for us, even if it is no longer of use for us, the comfort remains appealing. We become hard wired in our thinking with familiarity, our minds supporting the attraction to that feeling of comfort, because it is what we know. But as the old adage goes, the only thing constant in life is change and this is most certainly true for our lives. Inside of us millions of cells are being created new each minute, this also means that millions of cells are dying each second as well. Letting go is a natural cycle of birth and death.

So how do we, in fact, let go, and what are we letting go to? Letting go gets much easier when we know what we are letting go to. Get clear on what you are moving towards, even if it is at this point just an essence. I am letting go to my authentic nature, to my core way of being, to a new more honoring relationship, I am letting go to trust the universe. Letting go means leaving room for the new to emerge, for the more authentic nature to arise. Give permission for what is true to you, to come into being without you having to control it, contort it, or manipulate it. If you do control, contort or manipulate it, you will only get more of the same familiarity wrapped in a new experience.

Remember that there are cycles of birth and death in our lives. This is natural. Learning to let go and let parts of you die is a natural, healthy thing to do. Imagine a tree and a leaf which has been attached for the past 8 months and is about to fall off. You would never expect the tree to struggle to hang on to it, control with all its might and call all its friends in fear that a part of it is dying. No, the tree knows, just like the innate part of you, that things die, and the next new things will emerge. This is the cycle of letting go and the cycle of life.

A mantra that I have used that has supported me in my letting go process is “Let go and let God.”

May you find peace in all of you, the parts that are dying and the parts that are emerging new.

Have a beautiful weekend,
Dr. Norm


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