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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fearless Child

Ever watch a child play?  To see their willingness to fall, to make mistakes, to get back up again, brush their tears away, and play again.  Their willingness to see beyond color, gender, and size.  Their willingness to learn, to grow, to explore and to expand day by day.  That child is not lost; he
or she has just been tucked away.  Your inner child is still inside waiting to play. 

May you take time this weekend to listen to and be your inner child- giggle, dance, skip and play all day!  Remember what it felt like to be wild with adventure, to show your emotions, and have imagination be part of your life.  May you build a fort, play hide and seek, maybe even throw yourself a party (just for the full of it).  

Remember the innocence of life.
Remember the freedom inside.
Remember what it means to be you, living the life of a fearless child.

At the Lifehouse we’re inspired by this great video, sit back, turn up the volume, dance a little and smile remembering how to be you. 

Blessings Dr. Norm and The Lifehouse Community

....please share one of your favourite, inspiring childhood memories on our Blog


  1. Hello Lovelies,

    Hannah and I felt inspired to share our favourite music/dance clips.

    Love us Hannahs fave. Mine

  2. That reminds me to watch "The Gratitude Dance" again


  3. Thanks for this! My heart is big with gratitude that we have champions for our truths - truths in all shapes and sizes and colors (actually not referring to t-shirts but they're great too!).

  4. Thank you for sharing that. it was wonderful!! I WILL be passing it along. :-)

  5. Another Inspiring Piece:

    Deepak Chopra's "Wonder of You"

  6. Amazing clip, beautiful! I hope that more children can be fearless and hold on to that spirit into their adult years. The world would be a better place!