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Friday, June 11, 2010

Action vs. Inaction by Dr. Peter Amlinger

Hello everyone. This week I have chosen to send out a recent article from one of my dear friends Dr. Peter Amilinger around 'Action', so if you are looking for a little nudge ahead - here is your chance. Have a great week.


Action vs. Inaction
Dr. Peter Amlinger

It has often been said that faith without action is dead. If we want to make changes in our life we must take action. If we want to realize our dreams and goals we must take action. If we want to create the life we would love to live we must accept the fact that the only constant in life is change, which can only be driven by action.

However, what part of you is driving your life? BJ Palmer talked at length about the Giant Within, the infinite, all knowing superconscious mind which he called our innate. In his book the, Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer refers to this power as Source Energy and he says we can choose to let it, guide our life, or we can lead an ego driven life. The Native Elders discussed this same choice, as have most, if not all, cultures that have recorded their philosophies. BJ wrote volumes about living a life based upon the guidance of a free flowing perfect intelligence from above - down, inside - out.

The innate mind is action oriented and it always communicates in positive empowering emotions.

Innate guides us in all areas of our life if…
• We heed its hunches and act on the thot flashes it sends us all of the time,

• Its expression is not dimmed down by subluxation,

• Its expression is not dumbed down by drugs, and foreign chemicals.

Here is the real deal. Inaction has killed many, many more people than action. We often look at situations and identify destructive thinking, habits and behaviours as an individual’s demise. In fact, it is more often than not, if not always, INACTION that is driving the problem. Sometimes ones actions appear to disguise the inaction.

For example, it is not a smoker’s smoking that causes the health issues associated with smoking, it is their inaction relative to quitting that does. It is not the continuous overeating that kills the obese person, it is their inaction in changing their relationship with food that is the real issue. I contend that everyone with an addiction, deleterious lifestyle habit, or job they hate, knows implicitly what action they SHOULD be taking. They are simply choosing not to take it. Those people who choose not to listen to their inner feelings which are urging them to pursue dreams and visions and reach for the stars, are suffering greatly and do not know the joy of living life fully and going for it because they choose inaction over action. Those who choose to hold on to anger and resentment or fear and worry, which are all products of the ego, instead of healing these old wounds and walking through the fear and worry, which often paralyzes them, are robbing themselves of the gift of living in the now because they choose inaction over inner healing.

Live clear - get your spine checked for subluxation regularly and choose a life of innately guided action over ego driven inaction. It will help you to live the life the universe has planned for you. For as it has been said, when you let go of the life you have planned, the one that God created for you shows up.

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  1. Truly inspired and inspiring. Keep up the good work.