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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What would shift in your life if you trusted the power within?

What would shift in your life if you trusted the power within?

Join us for our 5th Annual - 30 Day Innate Intensive—building strategies and resources to help you tune in and hear Innate messages, focusing on Body-Mind-Spirit. Cultivate, nourish and expand your inner wisdom, knowing and trust of yourself within a health conscious community. 

For thirty days take 20 minutes to meditate, 20 minutes to journal and 20 minutes of SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) along with chiropractic adjustments to tune into your inner wisdom. 

Intro (May 7th) is FREE, so join us to learn more about the Triad of Change, sustainable growth & the Innate Intensive challenge

Limited space - Please call to reserve your seat

Registration - $200
Lifehouse client registration - $75
(Events Dates include- 
Thurs. 7th (May)—Innate Intensive Kick-off & Triad of Change
Thurs. 14th—Perception: Journaling
Thurs. 21st—Structure: Meditation
Thurs. 28th—Behaviour: SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration)
Thurs. 4th (June)—Innate Intensive Celebration 

Start time 7 pm

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