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Thursday, April 30, 2015

What is an Innate Intensive?

Let me remind you of what Innate does. 
There are two roles of Innate:

11)    One is to run and regulate your body.  

22)    The other is to run and regulate your life.

An Innate Intensive is a 30 day focused journey to help you nourish and cultivate your relationship with Innate, bringing you home to you.  It will have you practicing your practice.  Being a human “being” not just a human “doing”. It will be unique opportunity for each of us as we are all unique.  You will learn to expand through fear and limitation reconnecting you with your true self.  Through it you will definitely grow in self confidence, personal awareness and self acceptance. 

If you want to fast track your healing and personal connection come join our conscious group of wonderful Innately driven people for a one month intensive with 4 supportive workshops.  

"If you have no belief in yourself, how can you expect other people
- your company, or your customer to believe in you?"
–Dr. BJ Palmer, D.C.

The practice will focus on SRI - Somato Respiratory Integration breathing exercises, journaling, meditation and alignment; connecting body, mind and spirit.  You truly have everything inside of you for a healthy and happy life.  We just gotta getcha connecting with it.

For those of you curious next Thursday, May 7th The Lifehouse is hosting a free "Triad of Change" Advance talk and Innate Intensive Kick-Off.  Call to reserve your seat 250.740.0333 (only a few spots left...)

Innately Yours,
Dr. Norm

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